Sony Movie Channel

Verizon FIOS Free Preview of Sony Movie Channel

Free Preview Begins: August 15, 2014 (Friday)
Free Preview Ends: August 18, 2014 (Monday)

sony_movie_channel-logoVerizon FIOS will be showing a free preview of Sony Movie Channel August 15-18.

Thank you Ann,  Stan, and Kyle for letting us know about this free preview! If you know about a free preview please let us know about it!

Channel Lineup:

735 – Sony Movie Channel

Verizon FIOS

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  1. I have Fios Verizon, why are they two(2) sets of Sony Movie Channel. One set on on my “On Demand”, the other on my lineup we have pay extra for they have different movies. WHY ?? None of these movies are new !!


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