Free Preview of Starz On Demand for Verizon Customers

Free Preview Begins: January 27, 2017 (Friday)
Free Preview Ends: January 30, 2017 (Monday)

Update – Not sure if this free preview is still happening. You may need to be a Starz subscriber already.


Verizon customers can enjoy a free preview of Starz On Demand January 27-30.

Thank you Bill for letting us know about this free preview! If you know about a free preview please let us know about it!

Channel Lineup:

Check with your local provider

Verizon FIOS


  1. No free preview here. I have Verizon Fios. Bunch of bs!!!

  2. Just called about the “free preview”. You need to subscribe to Starz to receive it. Well it’s not free then.

  3. nice preview of a beautiful black screen! thanks STARZ, Thanks Verizon!!

  4. no preview here either nj

  5. Thanks for the info Tim, I’ll update the post.

  6. I called too. Anyone who got the new on demand update is having trouble. They estimate it to be fixed at 2:45 and I am getting text updates on it. I will post when mine is working.

  7. The preview is only on the On Demand usage not the channels.

  8. Only Starz On Demand is free this weekend, not the channels.

  9. just checked at 10am; no preview just a “subscribe screen”. Probably free for 3 days with a subscription then they charge you for the next month till you unsubscribe. I hate the games they play; if they advertise its free why do you need to subscribe, NO THANKS verizon you got enough of my money

  10. It’s a free on demand preview.

  11. Thank you Verizon Fios for the false advertisement. Company major disappointment.

  12. It works but its not for the live tv its for Starz On Demand, which means you get access to the whole library

  13. No free Starz today

  14. No free Starz on Fios as promised today 1/27/2017???

  15. When is free not free? When it’s from Verizon.

  16. When is free not free ? When it’s from Verizon. Same ol’ same ol’.

  17. No free preview here in Md, but On-Demand seems to be free for Starz right now.

  18. It’s a free Starz ON DEMAND weekend. Go to your on demand menu and watch anything you want. Broadcast stations are not included.

  19. Wouldn’t let me get to it on demand. Just another crock from fios!!!!!!!

  20. Not able to access any preview either. You probably have to already be a Starz subscriber.

  21. It’s only the on demand. I’m watching a movie now. You have to go to on demand. Not a full preview

  22. Free preview is working for me. Also a pop up appeared on my TV telling me about the free preview. I am not a STARS subscriber.

  23. The preview is for ON DEMAND only…not the station itself.

  24. I just went back and checked the email I got. It says Starz ON DEMAND. So looks like it’s not the regular cable channel which is even better. Haven’t checked it out yet but sounds legit

  25. Why advertise that Starz is free if you already have to be subscribed to it? It seems more like a trick to get people to unknowingly subscribe to it!

  26. Free preview didn’t work this morning but it is working now, I have FIOS and I can play the Starz On Demand movies even without a Starz subscription.

  27. It’s a free preview of on demand offerings. It’snot on the regular starz channels

  28. On demand only! So go get a movie off the on demand service!

    1. Lol, they actually removed Ant-Man while I was watching it! It’s no longer in their menu. Thanks but no thanks Starz .

  29. Only on demand is free. It even tells you if you tune to starz channel.

  30. Just checked and I’m getting STARZ On Demand Channel and didnt subscribe, at least not knowingly!

  31. The Starz On Demand service works but the actually channels are still locked. Just go to the Premium services tab and choose Starz and then pick whatever you want to watch. At least that’s how it works here in NYC.

  32. I am not a Starz subscriber. The Starz live channels are not on free preview, however, Starz On Demand is free for me to view right now in PA.

  33. Living in NJ. Looks like a handful of films are free to watch for me but majority I have to either rent or buy.

  34. Not all movies on demand are free. Just tried to watch Avengers Age of Ultron and I only have option to purchase. So not even all of On Demand is free. SMH

  35. Trying to watch STARZ on Demand in MD. When I pick a movie, the only option I have is to buy.

  36. Stars gives a better deal if you need to watch Starz. Free for 7 days and you don’t have to sign up if you don’t want to.

  37. Trying to watch STARZ on Demand in MD. When I pick a movie, the only option I have is to buy. I tried contacting Verizon. Representative notified me that free preview is only available to some customers. Looks like Verizon is trying to ‘scam’ their customers to sign up for STARZ. I have a theory, if you already have a premium channel (HBO, Showtime, etc…), then STARZ free preview will not be available for you. If you don’t have any, then it will be available.

  38. Some of the Starz titles on demand do not appear to be free, for instance Star Wars: The Force Awakens

  39. Everyone I clicked on so far says rent or buy? What is up with that?

  40. We got into the On Demand and there was a lot of old movies or movies that we had seen before. Couldn’t find a schedule to see if there were any movies that we would be interested in watching or recording.

  41. Terrible free preview. Only a handful of OLD movies are free to watch. The rest Starz wants you to pay for. Not much of a “free preview.” No thanks.

  42. Unlike other Free Previews from Verizon, where you go to the channel and get to see whatever is playing, this time they say it’s their “On Demand” programming.
    BUT… if you go to “On Demand” and go to Movies than Starz, you will find that some movies listed are not FREE but you have to purchase them. Thus “NOT” all of Starz’s movies are included in their supposed “Free Preview Weekend.”

  43. Better pull up FIOS. Netflix & Amazon bout to wash you up like Blockbuster Video.

  44. NO free preview, either on-demand or live, here in RI. Why the false advertising?

  45. It seem the free preview is in HD only and not SD. so if you only have a standard box you cant watch but a very few thing

  46. It is only the “On Demand” Starz. Note that I have to check every single movie to see if it is “WATCH” or “BUY”. The ones that show Watch are for Free preview and it is a small selection. Not worth my effort trying to figure out Verizon’s NEW On Demand selection screens.

  47. I know it’s not the channels. It’s on Demand only. And you can’t watch the whole library. Or anything you want. Most movies say buy or rent.

  48. Ok everybody, Verizon is not trying to fool anyone nor are they lying about the free preview. Its after the fact now but it clearly said Starz “On Demand” would be free. I too was stumped at first until I re-read the ad. Take a deep breath as I’m sure we all have bigger problems to focus our energy on lol.

  49. In MD, in PGC, you had to click on each STARZ On Demand movie to see if it was free or if you had to buy. There were very few that were supposedly free. One was Ant Man. However, when I clicked on it I got an error message. I tried a few other “free” On Demand and always got the error message. I tried again later during the “free weekend” and got the same results. LAME!

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