Free Preview of EPIX for Many This Week

Free Preview Begins: September 10, 2014 (Wednesday)
Free Preview Ends: September 14, 2014 (Sunday)

epix-logoThere’s a free preview of EPIX happening September 10-14 for many providers starting Wednesday and wrapping up on Sunday.

Here’s who’s participating, just click the link for more information on the free preview. If your provider is showing the free preview and you don’t see them on the list, please leave a comment below and I will post an update.

Dish Network

Verizon FIOS

AT&T U-Verse

Cox Communications

Time Warner Cable


  1. Wolf of Wall Street airs Sept. 14th at 10pm on EPIX. The airing concludes Sept. 15th at 1:05am. Will the feed be cut off??

  2. It will still be September 14 on the West Coast. They usually don’t end previews until after all time zones in the US are past midnight. So probably 6 am eastern to allow for Hawaii.

  3. Thanks for the response, Jeremy. I’ll schedule the program on my DVR and keep my fingers crossed.

  4. I noticed TWC DVR’s guide shows on demand too. Sweet.

  5. The channels won’t be cut off until 2 am central time. The Wolf of Wall Street will be available on the 14th on demand so you do not have to wait until evening to watch it be broadcast on their channel. You may watch it on demand at your leisure anytime on the 14th. If you don’t have Epix on demand available on your cable, download the app or use their website on your computer and sign in using your cable provider information. Their app and website are available for use during the preview as well. The app is also available on PS3, ipad, and kindle.

  6. I have time warner try to watch the free trial, i get a message saying i can order for 4.99 , how come im not getting it for free ?

  7. The Wolf of Wall Street is available on EPIX OnDemand now. I’m watching it :)

  8. Charter advertising free email bit cant find it

  9. On TWC’s Epix’s OnDemand on Wednesday after midnight PDT, I saw behind the scenes for Skyfall, Hunger Games, Star Trek Into Darkness, World War Z, etc. Tonight, I do not see them. Did Epix remove them? Or is it just me? :(

    Thank you in advance. :)

  10. TEC customers are getting this , BULLshot
    I am a TWC customer and san diego does not get it

  11. In response to the people wondering if the wolf of wall street would be cut off, the answer is YES and we are pissed! Thanks Epix for shutting it off right at the good part, at 12:25 am. Luckily we have seen it before but still, ruined it for us tonight. Oh and that sealed the deal, we are not buying Epix now because of that…

  12. (Above comment should say 12:25 am Eastern)

  13. So much for that! Verizon cut the feed at 12:25am. Aargh.

    (Chose to recored b/c I have a Tivo Roamio which does not support On Demand.)

  14. Did any other cable system cut off the end of “The Wolf of Wall Street” other than Verizon FiOS?

  15. I hope Epix realizes what a bone head move that was. I too will never consider Epix because if that’s how they treat prospective customers, I can only imagine how they would treat me as a customer. Wrote an email to customer service.

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