HBO & Cinemax Free Preview for DirecTV

Free Preview Begins: May 8, 2009 (Friday)
Free Preview Ends
: May 12, 2009 (Tuesday)

DirecTV is having a free preview of HBO & Cinemax from May 8-12. A big thanks goes out to David for alerting me to this free preview!

Channel Lineup:

501 – HBO & HBO HD
502 – HBO2
503 – HBO Signature
504 – HBO (West)
505 – HBO2 (West)
507 – HBO Family
508 – HBO Family (West)
512 – Cinemax & Cinemax HD
513 -MoreMAX
514 – Cinemax (West)



  1. Not available to me during that time. I have DirectTV in Northern California.

  2. woops, didn’t see that it says May not April. I will check again at that time.

  3. Thanks David for the update on the free Cinemax in May….

  4. I’m deaf mean I cant hear and speaking. So I have a DirecTV……I love movie HBO and CineMax….:)

  5. Does this typically start on Thurs? If so, what time? Also, when does it usually end? Monday?


  6. Chris, it varies a little on what exact time the free previews are on. Sometimes we’ll get lucky and it will be late on Wednesday night but sometimes not until 8am in the morning the day it starts. The same things with when it ends – it’s a little unpredictable.

  7. Chris, My experience with free previews on DirecTV is that they begin at 6 am Eastern Time and end at 6 am Eastern. In this case, the free preview should start at 6 am ET Friday and end at 6 am ET on Wednesday. I am on Pacific Time so for me it will be 3 am Fri. and Wed.

  8. @Admin… I just wanted to say THANK YOU for this great resource! I have subscribed to your updates… this is a big help to me, and I will tell everyone about it whome I think will benefit from it.

  9. Looks like some good HD movies on this weekend (at least some that I want to see). My DVR will be getting a work out this weekend. :)

  10. Not working in Hoover, Alabama

  11. I hope David Berryhill is right about the 6AM ET Friday bit…I’ll check back in 4 hours.

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