1. Well, it’s tomorrow, january 4, 2013, past 1 pm, still no epix channels, any suggestions on how to get the free previews channels listed to come in ?, do I have to stand on the roof holding the satelite box at some obscure angle while chanting dish epix or something ?

  2. Not sure what’s going on with Dish. I’m not getting Epix either.

  3. It’s working good for this Verizon Fios customer. Thanks for the info.

  4. It is 8:26 PM and we still cannot get
    our preview of EPIX, what is going on?

  5. Got Epix2 but no regular Epix. Makes no sense! Whatever it’s FREE!

  6. no free previews on fios in my area…tried both regular and hd channels

  7. thank you for free preview…enjoyed the hunger games…wow

  8. EPIX 1&2 preview working. just scanned ahead in the guide: not a very wide selection. :(

  9. Fios does not inform anyone when freeview are on this is the 5th time got it on the last day…HBO,SHOWTIME, EPIX, STARZ, all nothing on MESSAGES ….PISS POOR SERVICE

  10. When are the EPIX previews over for Staten Island Verizon FIOS customers?

  11. What time does the preview end does anyone know?

  12. For Dish, they say it ends on 1/16.

  13. How do i get epix movies?

  14. how and when do epix movies start?

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