MLS Direct Kick

Free Preview of MLS Direct Kick

Free Preview Begins: March 6, 2016 (Sunday)
Free Preview Ends: March 15, 2016 (Tuesday)


Sorry about the late notice on this one!

There will be a free preview of MLS Direct Kick on DirecTV, Dish Network, Comcast, Cox, Time Warner Cable, Bright House, Verizon, and Blue Ridge.

Thank you Branch for sending this in!

Channel Lineup:

Check with your local provider for the channel lineup.


  1. On Verizon in California the channels are 1495-1498. I searched it on the TV and the channel only comes on Saturday March 12 for the Free preview.

  2. What is MIS Direct Kick?

  3. Who’d pay for this channel?

  4. MLS fans, duh!

    That’s like asking someone why they’d pay money to watch Japanese TV. It’s not for everybody, but there are still people who will watch.

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