EPIX Free Preview on Dish Network

The star of the new show "Deep State"
Deep State

Free Preview Begins: June 15, 2018 (Friday)
Free Preview Ends: June 18, 2018 (Monday)

Update 6/15/18: Looks like this free preview is on FIOS as well! Thanks, Robert, Kelly, and Bev.

There will be a free preview of EPIX on Dish Network June 15-18 to promote their new show Deep State.

Thanks so much, Nancy and Jim for sending these in!

Channel Lineup:

292, 380-382: EPIX

Dish Network


  1. Hopefully DirecTV as well. Haven’t had a freeview for a while and never had Epix.

  2. Anything on other providers doing it att uverse cox or DirecTV

  3. Showtime is currently free as well, for Dish.

  4. Yes, what Ralph said. Not only was EPIX already turned on this AM (a day early), all Showtime channels were on too.

  5. Epix is unexpectedly working with Verizon FiOS in MA.

  6. EPIX is showing on ATT-Uverse!

  7. Epix in showing on AT&T Uverse this weekend too. I’m watching now.

  8. Dish always starts their free previews a day early. Presumably that’s so all of the receivers can get the activation codes and download the EPG for the new channels before the official preview starts.

    I’m not sure why FreePreview isn’t reporting the Showtime preview, it’s listed on Dish 103 (the Dish “This Month’s Featured Free Previews” channel).

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