1. I know this is not a question for this free view but are there any freeviews that work on YouTube TV ?

    I know a few people must be curious as well ?


    1. I have youtube tv to, but added the flex. It’s FREE for one tv. It also makes surfing a LOT easier. Sort of like having a cable box. Just add that and you get this promo and more all year. Can’t beat free.
      Other than I have had to replace it twice.. You have to make sure they know you use youtube tv, as the original flex didn’t have that app. Very important.
      Good luck

    2. 11.23.22 – YTTV does not announce free weekends but they do participate . This weekend is free HBO & Cinemax. Just have to check the app when you hear there’s a free weekend.
      In the YTTV app –
      – Go to LIVE channels view
      -At the top, choose SORT
      -Choose CUSTOM > EDIT
      -Scroll down to the bottom of your list of channels – any free ones will appear at the bottom.

      You can slide the channels to the top in the app if you want to see them at the top of your guide on the TV when you are watching – just close & reopen YTTV on the TV to see them.

      You can also just search for the hbo or cnmx channel or a show/movie from the app on a computer or phone or the TV to watch.

      You can record them as well – but the recordings will only be available as long as the free trial is on or if you pay to continue w the extra channels.

  2. Verizon Fios has HBO and Cinemax on 899-931

  3. Free preview of HBO & CINEMAX on Verizon FIOS. My mom has Xfinity…gi free preview yet?

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