Showtime Free Preview

Free Preview Begins: March 23, 2023 (Thursday)
Free Preview Ends: March 26, 2023 (Sunday)

There will be a free preview of Showtime from March 23-26. It will be shown on DirecTV,  Xfinity, Dish Network, and possibly others. I’ll keep this post updated as more providers are added.

During the free preview, you’ll be able to catch the second season of Yellowjackets and catch up on shows like Your Honor and Waco. 

Thank you monique, Chad, and Tom for sending in this free preview!

Channel Lineup:

545-556: Showtime


  1. Is still available on YouTube TV ?

    Does anybody know …

  2. Will this be on optimum?

    1. Unfortunately optimum almost never has free previews anymore.

  3. No free preview on FiOS in NJ as of 5:15pm on 3/23.

  4. I canceled DirecTV and using Roku. Is there anyway to get the Free Previews without a pay service???

  5. Dish Network surprisingly turned on SHO/TMC channels today for free preview weekend.
    Why a shock? Because Dish hacked over a month ago & their entire business still reeling (no customer service, no, no Dish Anywhere, no channel 103, no paying your bill, etc).

    1. I like Dish, but as a disabled veteran and senior citizen not happy about my free movie once a month being cancelled

  6. DISH will offer another SHOWTIME preview next week.
    Ch. 318-324, 327-328, 333
    Thursday, 8/10 – Monday, 8/14

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