HBO and Cinemax Free Preview

Free Preview Begins: December 27, 2021 (Monday)
Free Preview Ends: December 31, 2021 (Friday)

Ring in the new year with a free preview of HBO and Cinemax, for Dish Network customers. The free preview will start on December 27th and wrap up on the 31st.

Enjoy the third season of Succession on HBO during this free preview. Check out the other Dish Network free previews happening this month!

It’s possible that other providers will be showing this free preview. We’ll know more as we get closer.¬†

Channel Lineup:

307-309: Cinemax
310-315: HBO

Dish Network

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  1. I’m sorry, Verizon FiOS customers haven’t gotten a few preview for quite some time. Now, Verizon FiOS has taken away our CBS station. I was looking forward to the “Amazing Race” because I enjoy the scenery of their exotic destinations. It has been taken away along with the very few TV shows that we watch on TV.

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