Free Preview of EPIX on Dish Network

Free Preview Begins: June 21, 2013 (Friday)
Free Preview Ends: June 23, 2013 (Sunday)

You can catch a free preview of EPIX on Dish Network June 21 – 23.

Thanks so much Mike, Chris, and Tammy for sending this in.

Channel Lineup:

380 – 382 – EPIX

Dish Network


  1. I’ve seen ads here in NYC for similar, or the same, dates for an EPIX Free Preview on Verizon FiOS, too.

  2. DISH keeps subtracting channels (AMC) , then charges more for less….so some free movies preview weekends are welcomed

  3. I really enjoy and look forward to what DISH might offer for their free previews. The Golf channel was great, as was Starz and HBO last week. This weekend is EPIX,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but I sure wish they would get AMC back before Breaking Bad starts in July. Dish recently raised the rates by $5 and will probably do so again here in Wa if our “beloved” Gov passes the tax T,V. Bill. Call Gov Jay Enslee and tell me NO To the tax–because you can be sure Dish and Direct TV will pass it along to us

  4. AMC has been back on Dish Network since October, channel 131.

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