Free Preview of Showtime for Many

Free Preview Begins: January 15 or 16, 2016 (Saturday)
Free Preview Ends: January 18, 2016 (Monday)


I’ve previously posted that DirecTV and Cox will be having a free preview of Showtime in January and now Showtime has released a list of other providers that are participating as well.

Here’s a list of who’s taking part as well as the dates the free preview will show. Looks like the start times are somewhat different based on provider. It also various if On Demand content is included.

  • AT&T (January 16-18) – Showtime, Showtime On Demand, Showtime Anytime, and
  • Cable One (January 15-18) – Showtime
  • Century Link (January 15-18) – Showtime, Showtime On Demand
  • Comcast (January 16-18) – Showtime On Demand, Showtime Anytime, and
  • DirecTV (January 16 -18) – Showtime
  • Dish (January 16-18) – Showtime, Showtime On Demand, Dish Anywhere
  • Hulu (January 16-18) – Showtime
  • Mediacom (January 15-18) – Showtime and Showtime On Demand
  • RCN (January 15-18) – Showtime and Showtime on Demand
  • Verizon (January 15-18) – Showtime and Showtime on Demand

Thank you Chris for letting us know about this free preview! Do you know about an upcoming free preview? Let me know about it!

Channel Lineup:

Check with your local provider.


  1. Thanks for letting us know!

  2. I live in Tacoma..with Click cable..but I never see it listed?

  3. Thanks Chris..

  4. Dang! I wish you would post this on channel 103 like you used to. It’s not too helpful when I figure out we are getting free movies when it’s half over! What’s the sense of having them if nobody knows it!

    1. I don’t know what provider you have but DirectTV, Dish and Charter all send a message to your box sometime beforehand. I have DirectTV and I can even add the channels to my list and can go to the guide and schedule movies to record. It just says… You don’t have this channel. Do you want to record anyway.

  5. That was meant for Dish!

  6. What channel will Showtime be on for free if I have Comcast?

  7. RMA only on ondmand like usual

  8. A minor correction on the dates for DirectTV free preview of Showtime. The DirectTV newsletter lists the free preview for Jan 16-18, not starting on Jan. 15 as stated in this forum.

    FYI, before this forum gets inundated with the usual whining about channels not turning on yet. :-)

  9. Thanks Rudy. Showtime is still saying the 15th for them so I’ll add both.

  10. It just came over my DirecTV that the preview starts on the 16th. In December they listed it as the 15th, but now it’s the 16th. THANKS AT&T!!!

  11. I have showtime free almost a year on timewarner

  12. Will the free preview include Showtime 2? I’d like to watch Last Vegas on Showtime 2 at 8:00 PM on Friday 1/15.

  13. Free previews normally include all the Showtime channels available. Also on-demand is included on many providers. The way on demand works with Dish is programming is downloaded to DVR and normally available for 30 days, even if promotion doesn’t last that long. As long as downloaded during promotion, you have 30 days to view it. Nice way to catch exclusive series.

  14. The pamphlet that was sent with the monthly bill said Jan 15 to the 18. But it’s not on. What’s up with that?

  15. As usual, they’re glad to take your money, but find a way not to live up to their end of the bargain. Shame on you

  16. Verizon fios started today watching showtime as i write this

  17. I checked w/ DirecTV and they goofed with the flyer. Should have said 1/16, not 1/15.

  18. Dish already turned on Showtime. Been on all morning (day early).

  19. The message that I received on my (DirecTV) TV stated that I would receive free Showtime from 1/15-1/17. But guess what? It is the evening of the 15th and it still hasn’t started. Guess that I’ll check again tomorrow.

  20. In my part of New Hampshire, Comcast has yet to turn Showtime on. :-(

  21. In Western WA the Showtime OnDemand only has BILLIONS and NOTRE DAME FOOTBALL. :-(

  22. Western Washington here– enjoying free Showtime on DirecTV! We love free previews and also this website for the updates on when they’ll happen next. Cheers!

  23. Verizon FIOS in PA is only showing OnDemand which has nothing current. :(

  24. No free Showtime on Comcast -Southern Florida

  25. I called Comcast yesterday about only 2 shows being listed under the SHO free preview (Western WA). After a half an hour on the phone she said it looked fine on her end and there was nothing more they could do.

    I kept checking all day on it and still no more listings. Finally at 8:30 PM the full SHO listings were there. At least I have one day of the free preview left to enjoy.

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