Free Preview of HBO and Cinemax This Weekend for Many

cyeho_0There’s a huge free preview of HBO and Cinemax happening this weekend, October 7-10 on the following providers. Please leave a comment below if you see that your provider is participating as well. Thanks so much to everyone who sent these in!



  1. No free preview weekend for me on Cox in Southern California. I’ve been checking all morning and nothing. :(

  2. Oops! I figured it out. I thought it was already Friday. Lol! Hate being a day ahead!!

  3. Does this apply to Houston, Texas?

  4. Everyone BUT Charter, as usual. Just my luck, I lose my DirecTV tomorrow & had to go to Charter

  5. thanks so much for the previews ,believe I am going to get them both. if they show any great movies this weekend?

  6. Nothing from Time Warner

  7. No free preview weekend for me on Comcast in San Jose, CA? They haven’t had a free preview for HBO and Cinemax back in April.

  8. Dishnetwork Ita already showing :).

  9. RCN also has a free preview this weekend!

    1. Time Warner spec. ….what time for inland empire so cal rez????I know it starts today just not the time. …TY

  10. Thanks Maryann!

  11. Always looking forward to free preview wkends… As usual there are poop movies on AGAIN!!!!!!! I’ve been noticing the last 3wks up til the free wkend there were good movies to watch. You think that if you want people to buy into this you would put it on a decent wkend…just saying!!

    1. Use ondemand if available to watch any.

  12. Just got an email from TDS TV we will get this free preview also this weekend on fiber optic TDS

  13. SlingTV has free HBO too.

  14. Big Thank you, to your “Rep,s who have been So kind, to me! I Appreciate, and Truly Respect, given to me Also! Thank you, for the Free previews! I Love Dish!!!

  15. What time does it start ?

  16. It’s October 7, already, and no movies on, yet. A specific time they start, would be nice. Thanks. Signed, a 15 year customer

  17. It’s now 330 am Friday 10/7 and nothing… I was looking forward to this because there is NOTHING on normal channels at this time of night just a bunch of infomercials about work outs cooking and medicine to have intercourse or something

  18. Thanks for the freebie!! What time does it start?

  19. I have the Free preview with Cox. Thank you.

    1. What channel? I’ve found nothing on Cox here in Bonaire,Ga

  20. AT&T free weekend has started

  21. I have DirecTV and am also getting Sundance. Maybe Sundance will free until Dec like it is on the DISH system.

  22. Also on SLING TV (HBO). (for those of us no longer interested in paying for cable) Sling does it every time anyone else does, it seems. Have had about 4 or 5 preview weekends this year so far.

  23. How about a free HBO weekend for New Wave Communications in Poplar Bluff, Missouri

  24. Searching for channels in Maryland no luck.

  25. Are they going to have all three Divergent Series movies on this free weekend?

  26. I have Directv

  27. We have direct Tv. And it’s free this weekend!

  28. Is On-Demand included? We weren’t able to pull it up on our Frontier in Dallas

  29. I have free preview with Cox..

  30. Cox cable

  31. We have Direct TV & get a free HBO weekend! We are watching “Straight out of Compton” right now. Excellent movie!

  32. Yay! I’m a cablevision member.

  33. I have Cox cable and live in Las Vegas, NV. I saw a commercial the other day advertising freeHBO and Cinemax weekend from October 7th until the 10th. I have checked a couple times today and there is no HBO or Cinemax preview. Is this free preview suppose to include Cox Cable Las Vegas, NV?

  34. Although I am happy with Time Warner and have been a customer for decades, still disappointed Time Warner is not offering this free preview

  35. what’s the channels for the free HBO & Cinemax?

  36. HBO,Cinemax, AND Starrz for Cox in AZ

  37. Every time there is a free preview of premium channels, they make sure that NO great movies are shown on them. I recently had a preview of Starz, Epic, and a couple of others, THAT MANY, and between them all going on for two weeks, one after the other, there was absolutely NOTHING even worth putting on — just the junk that they are more than happy to give for “free” just to lead the horse to the water HOPING they will continue to want to drink after they arrive because they then see that the FOLLOWING WEEK had better stuff that they then have to PAY FOR by subscribing. NEVER EVER had a decent free cable preview – EVER. Not even worth my time any more with making a list of the 20 or so channels and flipping through them one by one to see what they’re airing. Complete waste of time.

  38. Cincinnati Bell Fiber Optics has been free since Friday

  39. Since Frontier took over for Uverse, we’ve gotten nothing,ever!And Frontier is headquartered here in Connecticut!I know the FIOS is listed, but what about us loyal customers who have had the Vantage service since 2005?

  40. Just found out about this. Works for att uverse in socal.

  41. Free preview is on cox in Phoenix! Thanks!

  42. I love that free previews are offered. However, since Frontier Fios has taken over, I can no longer get on-demand services for the channels that are in the free preview and only get the content available according to the day’s line-up. Why can’t I get the option of having on-demand for these premium channels back when we have a free preview weekend?

  43. Mine didn’t show up til today the 10th

  44. No free preview for us …..we had a hurricane and no service anyway since the signal can’t get through the rain even when we had some power.

  45. We have free Showtime and the channels that comes with it. We have DirecTV we were not notified of this. This is the first time this happened. Thanks for any response. This night is November 6 2016.

  46. Is there going to be a freee preview in dec thanks for the info

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