Free Showtime, HBO, and Cinemax for Many This Weekend

showtime-free-previewThere are a ton of providers showing free previews this weekend. Here’s a round-up of who’s getting what. 

If you know of a provider that’s participating and isn’t on the list, please leave a comment and I’ll get it added. Thank you!



  1. anyone know if Comcast will also have the hbo cinemax preivew

  2. Cox Cable Roanoke VA

    1. Star this weekend

  3. Anyone know if Verizon Fios will have it?

  4. Sling is supposed to have HBO this weekend

  5. Have a feeling the HBO and Cinemax free preview should happen for Watch-a-thon Week and I don’t know when it will begin.

  6. Only HD channels for Showtime, HBO & Cinemax are available.

  7. Verizon Fios will have HBO free this weekend.

  8. Star for cox

  9. will this start @ 12:00 am?

  10. It’s already started in tn on dish network…

  11. There is also a free preview on RCN this weekend

  12. Not working for me with Direct TV in Phoenix……

  13. Fios has HBO, showtime, and cinemax this weekends

  14. Only HBO and Cinemax are free on Cincinnati Bell Fioptics not Showtime

  15. Comcast has free HBO on demand!

  16. Verizon FIOS has HBO and Cinemax free this weekend. They are unlocked on my service as of Friday morning 2/17.

  17. Verizon FIOS is having free preview of HBO, Showtime and Cinemax Feb 17-20

  18. Frontier in Texas is showing only Showtime, though they published a msg that says HBO & Max are also free this weekend, but no channels are on. Any other Frontier customers having this problem?

  19. Called Frontier about HBO/MAX not showing. Tech support says the Provisioning group recognizes the problem, and they’re working on it. This is the situation for CA, TX, & FL.

  20. Free hbo on charter/spectrum this weekend?

  21. Comcast (NW WA) has all three: Sho/HBO/MAX in the OnDemand under Premium Channels…then HBO or whatever. No advertising, no front page OnDemand link for free preview weekend.

    Thanks to this website and their rss feed or I would have missed it.

  22. Have Verizon FIOS (Frontier) in TX. Showtime showed up at midnight last night, HBO & Cinemax around mid-morning. Only for what’s scheduled, no VOD access.

    1. What time of the day did it end Monday? We tried taping and most movies only taped for 30 minutes. Thanks! :))

  23. comcast has all 3

  24. Does time warner/spectrum have free max?

  25. I’m watching free HBO on demand on sling tv right now

  26. What about Shentel in WV?

  27. Verizon fios has the free showtime this weekend, but you can’t record any of the shows. Bummer.

  28. I am watching HBO free on Sling right now. My mom has Comcast and doesn’t have any free previews.

  29. Koodos there can be more

  30. I am not able to see Showtime or HBO for free this weekend in Dallas.

  31. I have Comcast, and they didn’t give us ever no preview of showtime. Does anyone know if I can get showtime free this weekend? There’s sposta be a free promotion.

  32. Robert its on demand only

  33. What time does the preview end on the 20th

  34. anyone still have the showtime free preview comcast i currently still have it as of now

  35. Crap, I was so busy with watching Showtime over the weekend that I didn’t check to see if there were any other free previews.

  36. What time did free trial end? Was it midnight Monday night? Thanks! :))

  37. It ended Monday night/ Tuesday morning around 12:15 am Eastern standard time.

  38. Even though the free previews ended last week, I am still getting SundanceTV for some reason. I thought that was part of the Showtime package unless it changed recently. For those who have DirecTV try it out, channel 557.

  39. Spectrum\Brighthouse

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