Great American CountryWorld Fishing Network

Dish Network Free Preview of Great American Country & World Fishing Network HD

Free Preview Begins: June 24, 2009 (Wednesday)
Free Preview Ends: July 29, 2009 (Wednesday)

*Update 7/31/09* Looks like Dish has extended this free preview until August 5, 2009.

There is a free preview of Great American Country (GAC) and World Fishing Network (WFN) HD starting today, June 24th and ending on July 29th for Dish Network subscribers.

Channel Lineup:

167 – Great American Country (GAC)
394 – World Fishing Network HD

Dish Network


  1. Dish picked the suckiest channels they could locate for a month long preview.

  2. They must have read my comment because they extended it another week until 8/5/09.

  3. I never see free previews for premium channels anymore. The MGM free preview I stumbled upon with 2 hours left. Dish picks channels either we already have, or sports channels.
    What happened to the free previews of premium channels?

  4. I like the World Fishing Network but do not have HD. Why can’t it just be SD?

  5. i agree with steve, i dont have HD either! Why cant ya’ll put the free previews on all customers? Even if we dont get HD?my husband would’ve sure liked that fishing channel!!

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