Dish Movie Mania

Dish Movie Mania Brings Free Movies to Dish Network

Free Preview Begins: January 31, 2014 (Friday)
Free Preview Ends: March 30, 2014 (Sunday)

Dish Network has a new promotion going on called Dish Movie Mania on Channel 102. They’ll be showing three movies a night on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday now through March 30.  Each week will have a different theme. You can visit the Dish Movie Mania website to get the the next few weeks schedule of movies. Here are the weekly themes:

  • Thrillers & Chillers – February 7-9
  • Date Night – February 14-16
  • Family Favorites – February 21-23
  • Award Winners – February 28 – March 2
  • All-American Westerns – March 7-9
  • Action Hits – March 14-16
  • Sports Fan Favorites – March 21-23
  • Fight Nights – March 28-30

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  1. I’ll try these free movies out. Thank you from a long time customer Please allow these free movies to be shown on my Dish network subscription.

  2. Looking forward to the western movies.

  3. I was going to try the free movies but decided my privacy was more important giving full access to all my computers information is a no.

  4. We would love to watch these movies since we are both seniors and have very little entertainment besides our TV.

  5. We would love to watch these free movies. We have enjoyed Dish far better than any other satellite company out there. You are much better people to deal with. Thank you so much for your service

  6. It is a shame you people don’t do more for long time customers. You raise rates without explaining, and free movies are the same ones player over,and over again. No wonder people switch so often from one company to another.

  7. we also are seniors and enjoy watching movies and are looking forward to the free moviemania offer.

  8. We are long time customers and we would love to the movie mania. Thank you

  9. You give us lame movies no one is interested in watching as an excuse for increasing our rates. Do you think we are stupid? No thanks!

  10. Joyce Wright is correct. Dish did this “junk” offer at the same time as they raised rates by $5 per month. Strangely enough it was about the same time they settled their feud with FoxNews. Hmmmmm?
    As she said, we are not stupid. Two more months on my contract and Dish is gone !

  11. How do you get dish mania? I tried why did you raise our rates?you sure don’t give us anything .supposedly free channels for a month. I already get them. Why not give HBO or showtime for a complete month? You are laughing all the way to the bank thanks to your costomers. Hello direct tv

  12. Would be nice to have a bigger variety of movies to watch. I have my favorite movies but even those are getting to be “old hat” because they are shown so often. And then you raise the rates on top of it. Not good.

  13. I recieved my mobthly billnd notice that is was more then the previous month. So I found the previous month bill to compare. And guess what the price went up without anyone telling me. You should have let us know about the price increase instead of just springing it on us…. we don’t like surprises like that.

  14. as DISH customers, why should we have to provide you with further personal data? No thanks. It is bad enough that my 120 channels include over 1/2 dozen shopping channels (which should cover part of your costs w/o increasing our rates!), but I am either missing or not authorized to access 14 of the so-called channels which are supposed to be included in my 120. Can you tell me why? Or is this a one-way communication with no accountability on your part?

  15. I had DirectTV for many years & switched to Dish 8 yrs ago & have always felt I made the right decision. Love my Hopper with the recording capabilities but your free movie selections leave a lot to be desired. There are so many channels I don’t want or need on my 200 program already. Dish should offer better plans, especially for Sr. Citizens on a limited income. You raise your prices but don’t improve your programming choices. Not good for wanting continued customers.

  16. I don’t watch much dish anymore , can’t wait to drop it. I have the 200 channel package which consist of shopping channels and telemarketing, selling anything from vacumn cleaners to whatever. I have maybe 10 channels that I watch. The advertisements last for 5 minutes or longer and the show 3 . Hate it . would rather watch on my comp . This is bad management.

  17. we use to love dish. now all we see is rerun’s & commercials. week end’s are awful. if it won’t for Pawn star’s hardcore pawn & storage war’s we wouldn’t have nothing to watch on the weekend’s. we just go on to bed early now. if this keeps up we will drop dish & go to other mean’s to watch TV. we are both senior’s. please do something!!!!!!

  18. I can’t see how to bring up information about the movies. I would like to see the list and know how to log onto them.

  19. How do you bring up the movies and the list?

  20. When will we Seniors on limited incomes be able to order channels we actually watch?

    We pay for 200 channels but only watch 18/20 ?? And your rates keep going up without any regard to who can and cannot afford the few channels worth watching !!

  21. I am having trouble finding the movie schedule………why do I have to look it up on my MAC and not on the dish tv network.

  22. You braggingly advertise on television commercials that Direct customers pay an average of $111 per month for their satellite service. You state that Dish customers pay $40 less. Yet, I have the 120 channel package and pay $109! What’s the deal? That’s a lot to pay for no premium/movie channels. Plus, we lost Tru TV for awhile and then FOX News… less stations for more money! That’s NOT customer appreciation!

  23. I agree with a lot of people and I think a lot of your channel suck I don’t need any of the shopping channels I don’t need any of religious channels and I don’t speak Spanish so I don’t need any of the Spanish channels so that doesn’t leave much for me to watch dish you need to get Your acted together

  24. These people are complaining about the same things I have complained about. I received a letter from Dish Jan 2014 saying monthly rate would not change..have the letter. Every time I confro t them they act as though they have no idea what I am referring to. Yes, the movies on special packages are old or they are “C” rated. HELLO.. Therefore, I assume we are not preferred customers since we can’t get acknowledged on comments and our wish to be fulfilled. This may not be read by the Dish executives but I have left my thought on this matter, again…..

  25. I have been a customer for years. I only stay because it is still the cheapest, I don’t need all the shoppingchannels,rreligious channels,infomercials, music etc. I watch about 8 channels and pay 105. My rate went up with no warning.I remember seeing an ad saying you could get H2, hallmark ID sci. Own and discovery for 4.99 what happened to that option? Not liking my options. But I also remember Comcast being 3.99 a month and my mother complaining.

  26. How do I pull the free movie listing? You guys should simplify so we con take advantage sometime

  27. I agree the dish sucks I wish I could find another provider

  28. After I moved 3 years ago I continually recieve “come back” ads from Dish even though I still have Dish. I feel like dropping and then subscribing again as these are fabulous offers that I was never offered. Why are long time customers paying exorbitant prices for crap when new ones get such great prices and offers?

  29. I like to know why can’t we order what channels we watch i hate shoping channels,sports, why do i have to have grap i never watch to cloud the tv guid up when channel searching i just want to pay for what i watch not for junk never watch i belevie the customers should have. theright to choose what they want to pay for instead of the company trying to put crap on that nobody wants to watch they find out what people watch they move it to the higher package to get more poor channels that if i could i would block so i don’t have these crappy channels in the way people want what they pay for not what they don’t we should be aloud to pick our own channels out to pay for and watch they would get more customers !!they need a change!!!

  30. In Canada you can get cable on an al lacart so you only pay for what you want. Maybe someone will come up with this in the United States. I would bet most people would switch. ..

  31. agree give seniors a break. You have our info that proves our agree

  32. That was messed up just saw the advertisement for this and now it says it ends tomorrow! Thanks dish for letting me know about this, I always got emails from direct if they were doing promotions!

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