Dish Network Free Preview of EPIX and EPIX2

Free Preview Begins: March 25, 2011 (Friday)
Free Preview Ends: March 27, 2011 (Sunday)

Dish Network will be having a free preview of EPIX and EPIX2 March 25-27.

Channel Lineup:

380 – EPIX
381 – EPIX2

Dish Network


  1. i have dish network and today is march 25 and i went to channel 380 and 381 and it just shows a blue panel saying that i need to call and upgrade. i shouldnt have to since its suppose to be a free preview.

  2. I don’t even have a blue panel. There’s no channels 380 or 381 on the program guide at all, even on “All channels”. When I manually enter the channel numbers it goes to channel 377. I’ve also seen the TV ad several times this week promoting the free preview so I’m not happy with Dish Network tonight. I think I’ll call tomorrow and see what’s going on. I might seriously be interested in subscribing to Epix, but I’m having trouble finding info on pricing or permanent channel numbers on DN’s website.

  3. No 380 or 381 available . Key in those numbers and the tuner goes to 377 . What’s going on ?

  4. Same nothing was there on those channels and yes i have dish network. what a waste of time. get it together dish.

  5. waste of time! nothing there! is there a trick that dish neglected to tell us about? or will dish make it right by redoing this preview on another 3 day stint?

  6. ok here is the deal these are HD and can only be viewed if you have HD equipment!

  7. I feel that you are false advdertising, you advertise the epix and then say free but the truth is that you just want everyone to upgrade. well I have had dish for two years now but I can always go to cable at least they don’t pull this on there customers. I am not the only one that feels this way. So get it together!!!

  8. Have seen this ad several times, but when I put in the channel numbers, it only shows I have to upgrade to see these channels. Not good to tease, DISH!

  9. no channels, it would help if dish would say it was for hd only if that is the case

  10. Same here…but read that it was ONLY for HD. DISH should have that in bold writing for it’s ad. Disappointed customer!

  11. Well just wanted to say to Dish, THANKS FOR NOTHING! Joke is on us Dish customers, hope you all had a good laugh. It is only making it easier for me to make the decision to dump you all.

  12. I’m sorry for previous commenters who felt they were cheated out of a free preview, but this is not DISH network’s fault. EPIX and EPIX2 are HD only channels (like many others like HDNET Movies, Sony Movie Channel, etc.).

    BTW, the free preview was absolutely great because there were so many reasonably recent movies aired: Iron Man 2, Shutter Island, Killers, From Paris with Love, Hot Tub Time Machine…

    THANKS Dish Network! Keep the free previews coming.

  13. It certainly is Dish Network’s fault, and they have the ability to present those to other customers as they have offered them to all customers recently. Furthermore, they regularly promote FREE HD FOR LIFE, yet continue to offer the best free previews ONLY to HD customers who are already getting free HD service…what is up with that?! Is their money worth more than ours? I’m with the others here, in saying, if this is supposed to be an incentive to upgrade, the only thing it is doing is angering a large percentage of their customers by telling us that they do not value our business because we don’t subscribe to free HD. If they want to offer free previews, they should offer them to ALL DISH customers, or none at all…it’s that simple. If they can’t do that, they’re going to lose more customers in the long run who are angry that their patronage is so overlooked and undervalued by a company they’ve been doing business with for a long time.

  14. Guys, they messed up when they put the dates on here. The dates are for July, not March.
    July 25-27 they will be free. I just saw the commercial.

  15. Marcayla, they had the free preview in March is well – this is the one for July https://www.freepreview.tv/epix/free-preview-of-epix-for-dish-network-customers-2.html.

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