Reminder: Free Preview of HBO and Cinemax for Many This Weekend

There’s a big free preview of HBO and Cinemax that’s going to be available for a lot of people this weekend to promote season 4 of Boardwalk Empire. Here’s a round-up of what’s going on.

Use the links for more information on each free preview.

  • The free preview of HBO and Cinemax will be available on DirecTV September 6-9. There’s also a free preview of NFL Sunday Ticket for DirecTV customers on Sunday, September 8 and a free preview going on for FXX now through September 13.
  • September 6-8 Dish Network will be showing the free preview of HBO and Cinemax. Dish Network also has a free preview of the Tennis Channel happening now through September 10, PAC-12 now through September 17, and their monthly free previews until September 10.
  • Verizon FIOS will be showing free HBO and Cinemax September 6-9.
  • If you have AT&T U-Verse you’ll be able to get free HBO and Cinemax September 6-8.
  • Comcast Xfinity will be getting the free preview of HBO only September 6-9.
  • If you subscribe to Mediacom you’ll be able to watch free HBO and Cinemax September 6-9.

Please leave a comment if I’ve missed anything and I’ll get the list updated. Thanks to everyone who sends in tips and leaves comments!


  1. and we Cablevision subscribers get left out yet again… :(

  2. Been keeping an eye on this to see if Cox might participate. Guess not.

  3. I am afraid to try to watch “free” shows and then be charged for them. The last time they had a similar offer I called the cable company and the rep knew nothing about free shows. Then they have the so-called restrictions. Thanks but no thanks!

  4. What time does it start?

  5. What I hope for Comcast is that you can actually watch the channel rather than just on-demand stuff. That’s what they like to do. If you are showing a preview of HBO, you want to be able to watch the HBO channel rather than just on-demand. For instance, I want to watch We Bought a Zoo, and that’s not on the demand thing for Comcast.

    And of course, Comcast is the only that doesn’t offer Cinemax. Dumb, Comcast.

  6. Hard to believe, Charter not participating again!

  7. Comcast IS doing the on-demand only. It is available now, but not by going directly to the HBO channel but through the Freeview option in On Demand. (I was hoping to record a number of movies…I guess I’m just going to be able to watch “live” a subset of them.)

  8. COMCAST S**** and I pray they go out of business !!!!!!

  9. they advertised this past week that Time Warner would have the free HBO weekend this next week Sept 6 to 8 and now I can’t find the info on it anywhere………so much for Time Warner….

  10. Cox was a part of the free preview last year but not this year. That sucks.

  11. HBO on Comcast is only On Demand. There will be a folder called HBO Freeview folder.

  12. I was just flipping channel and realized I was on HBO :) I love the free stuff…

  13. Despite being published here AND a message sent to me through my converter box, Mediacom is only showing HBO, NOT Cinemax for free. Not that I care; I only get four Max stations, but I hate to be lied to.

  14. I am enjoying free HBO movies with Mediacom. Thanks!

  15. I always find out last minute:(

  16. Any news yet for previews for the month of October. And what’s will be available after the free hbo weekend?

  17. All the people who have domcast who only have a on demand preview thats comcast for ya they suck fios you get the channel and on demand comcast is the worst

  18. I watch the free cinemax weekends all the time. I’ve been lucky that during that time they showed the entire season of strike back in one day, so I recorded them all. The next freebie they showed the entire season of Banshee in one day, so I recorded all of those shows. I love it!!

  19. It’s been almost 4 months since the last free HBO/MAX preview. Aren’t we overdue for another one?

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