Reminder: Free Preview of HBO, Cinemax, and Starz Happening for Many Providers This Weekend

It’s going to be a great weekend for free previews! Here’s a round-up of everything that’s going on this weekend. Click on the links for more details and channel guides.

Please leave a comment if I’ve missed anything and I’ll get the list updated. Thanks to everyone who sends in tips and leaves comments!

I’d also love to know what everyone is watching and DVRing this weekend.

Here are all the providers that are having free preview of HBO & Cinemax this weekend.

Over on HBO you can watch the season 6 premiere of True Blood. I’ll be watching, will you? I’m hoping Evil Bill turns out to be more interesting than Nice Bill. Some notable movies you can catch are The Dark Knight Rises and Magic Mike.

Cinemax will be showing the season 2 premiere of Banshee and the movie Snow White and the Huntsman.

Update 6/14/13 – RCN is participating as well, June 14 – 16/17. Thanks Lakeshore Love!

HBO & Cinemax Free Preview for DirecTV – June 14-17

HBO & Cinemax Free Preview for Dish Network – June 14-17

HBO & Cinemax Free Preview for AT&T U-Verse – June 14-16

HBO & Cinemax Free Preview for Verizon FIOS – June 14-17

Update 6/14/13– Encore is included in this free preview for both DirecTV and Dish.

Dish Network and DirecTV will be showing a free preview of Starz. Season 2 of Magic City will be premiering on Friday.

Starz Free Preview for DirecTV and Dish Network – June 14-17


  1. The free preview weekend is also for Fidelity Cable subscribers.

  2. Thanks Samantha! Do you know if it’s for HBO/Cinemax, Starz or both?

  3. Do we know if Cox Cable is doing it as well?

  4. Time warner is the worst! Moving soon so I will switch to fios :)

  5. Is it possible Cox is involved as well?

  6. Are there EVER any free preview weekends/days for subscribers of Mediacom Digital Cable Service?? Thank you!

  7. Of course comcast isn’t on this list, they are never on the list.

  8. It is now 1:00 am in Rahway NJ and I am unable to tune into HBO oe Cinemax free.Apparently the systems ate down and the help line can not access my account or help me untill 6AM . So much for this free week end.

  9. its 6/14 direct tv @ free promo is not available on my tv yet.
    No cust. serv. available as their code word is upgrading. last 3 day promo was only 2days, i wonder if it gonna be another repeat for direct tv.

  10. What time does it start because I am not getting it? The channels say I am not subscribed. 525 through 542 right?

  11. I subscribe to no movie channels and tuned into encore too!!!:)

  12. RCN told us in printed material when we joined in April, that they are also offering this HBO/Cinemax deal this weekend, June 14 thru 6/17.

  13. Very nice. Looks like I’m recording “Looper” and “The Amazing Spider Man” on Starz and “Dredd” on Epix. If I had not seen them already I would also record “The Dark Knight Rises” on HBO and “True Grit” on Epix.

  14. Banshee Season 2 DOES NOT start this weekend, no idea where you got that info

  15. The Dark Knight Rises
    Looper The Amazing Spider-Man
    Dredd Bsnshee

  16. Does anyone have a nice searcher to look for say only 4-star dramas etc? It would be really useful when these 3-day previews hit.

  17. Thank you very much, you guys are really great!

    I have recorded:
    Speed 2
    Tower Heist
    The Lost World Jurassic Park

    I am recording: Even more movie channel bumpers such as their ratings and feature presentations and anything else I think isn’t too bad(::).You can find them in my youtube channel on my posted website!
    Fast Five
    In Time
    The Fifth Element
    The Matrix Revolutions
    The Shadow
    The Rock
    Journey 2
    Johnny English Reborn

    In general, I am going fishing for channel bumpers. I am hoping got each or most of them. They are all from 2013. I am not advertising or spamming. If it weren’t for free previews and this site, none of my bumper collections would be possible! Thank you

  18. Mediacom is also a part of the free weekend!

  19. Is the on demand for hbo free too?

  20. @Brian: You have to subscribe to HBO. They will only give out free previews of the channels, not the on demand apps. If they did that, they would suffer a huge profit loss!

  21. free hbo ENDS at midnite 6/16. they promo 6/17, but that’s usually misleading.

  22. Hi everyone,

    Does anyone out there have a full screen copy of alien and Die Hard?

  23. If you want to see some bumpers from these channels, check out ( Those are from older free previews. I am about to start editing the one from the past weekend at am going to start the showtime editing as soon as possible!

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