Choice Xtra

DirecTV Free Preview of Choice Xtra

Free Preview Begins: April 24, 2012 (Tuesday)
Free Preview Ends: April 30, 2012 (Monday)

Update 4/22/12 – Looks like DirecTV rescheduled this free preview and they’re now saying that it’s April 24-30. Sorry for the confusion everyone!

There will be a free preview of the Choice Xtra package on DirecTV April 24-30. This package includes over 200 channels.

Thanks Ric for letting us know about this free preview! Do you know of a free preview you don’t see listed?

Channel Lineup:

Check with your provider.



  1. sorry but i have direct tv and i don’t have the free trial.

  2. No preview in Southern Oregon… Odd since usually always get them, oh well.

  3. woke up sunday morning excited to start watching the free choice package because they have been sending a message to my tv all week. and boom no free channels even message gone you know what i was gonna switch from the family package to the choice if i liked it but now i’ll be switching from direct tv to comcast thanks for the help in deciding another happy customer thankyou bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Nothing in Missouri either.

  5. as of 4pm 4-22 not receiving free choice extra

  6. No preview in Iowa either

  7. We had the message saying free preview starting April 22, but no channels are showing up as availible and the message has been removed from our system this morning (not our doing) So I guess no preview in TN either.

  8. No Preview here in Maine Either.

  9. I hear you Ruben…It is the same here in East Texas. I’ve been searching and I think the preview actually starts on the 24th. BS on Directv’s part to mislead but expected.

  10. DirecTV is now starting the free preview on Tuesday. Sorry for the confusion, I’ve updated the info above.

  11. I looked forward to the preview too…bummer….

  12. so what channels are the choice xtra for directv. I searched the site and cannot find them. Someone please help

  13. My receiver said free preview Choice Xtra package April 22nd but today on the 22nd the message was gone. Now I hear it will be Tuesday the 24th to the 30th of April.

  14. No free TV preview in Cleveland

  15. 216, 218, 230, 251, 258, 261, 266, 267, 271, 272, 274, 283, 286, 294, 307, 330, 337, 603, 607, 618

  16. Thanks for the info I was pulling my hair out (whats left of it) wondering what was going on and there is very little info on internet about it. I knew my mailer info on screen said the 22nd and this site as of yesterday said the same. There was no info on direct tv site. Thanks again!

  17. I really was looking forward to this because the bad girls club is playing all day today on the oxygen channel and now I have to wait until tomorrow THANKS Directv :-(

  18. Im with you Donell. I just moved from my sister’s house into my own place and I’ve missed like the past 3-4 episodes of bad girls club. I know they would be playing them all day today and I was looking forward to catching them. This sucks. Does anyone know if since the preview starts on Tuesday if it will start at midnight?

  19. Post the change on the tv, how hard is that?

  20. So it’s after midnight central time it’s now Tuesday the 24th and I still don’t have the channels. This is bullshit.

  21. So it looks like only some of the channels are on the free preview

  22. thanks 4 the info im always checking i love logo but i dont get it i have a certain package on DTV that dont have logo im enjoying it till it ends thanks 4 sharing!

  23. Dose the free preview include pay per view in choice extra

  24. Sheila yes,, Pay-Per-View is on any every package.

  25. Cannot find any free channels. Where are they???

  26. Sure would be nice if we could see what channels r available. Can’t find that info anywhere

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