Tons of Free Previews Starting Tomorrow

There’s a lot of free previews going on over Thanksgiving and the weekend. Here’s what’s going on:

If you know that your provider is participating and it’s not on the list, please add a comment below and I’ll get it added. Thank you!


  1. HBO and Cinemax on Dish. They turned the channels on today.

  2. What about verizon fios… everyone but them seem to be participating??

  3. Why does my guide show only channels 509, 512,527? I don’t have the HBO 501 thru 511 ? Could they be locked out? Thanks for any help!


  5. its on their on demand channel also their facebook page

  6. Tonaya Comcast is part it on demand only its on their facebook page and on demand channel advertsing it

  7. TDS has Starz and Encore preview

  8. Wave Cable has Cinemax and HBO preview also this weekend.

  9. Why not Verizon Fios? Everyone else is participating but them?

  10. I have DirecTV and I am not receiving the free preview of HBO and Cinemax. Don’t they usually start at midnight on the start day? I couldn’t find anyplace that would tell what the exact time was that they started.

  11. Same here. What time does free Preview start?

  12. @Becky – Usually DirecTV free previews start at 6AM Eastern time. You should have it in the morning.

  13. Does this include Time Warner Cable Buffalo New York

  14. Cox has encore and Starz 23-30.

  15. Does centurylink have any free movie previews this weekend?

  16. No preview channels so far from Comcast.

  17. Just found notice that Comcast Xfinity free preview is ON DEMAND ONLY. No DVR recordings. Crap.

  18. Thanks everyone!

  19. Wave Broadband Cable TV is currently having a free Thanksgiving Preview of HBO®, Cinemax®, STARZ®, ENCORE® as well as all of their associated channels (STARZ® Kids and Family and ENCORE® Family), SHOWTIME® and THE MOVIE CHANNEL™
    Your cable box from Wave Broadband should automatically give information were to tune in; however, if you have TV’s that are connected directly to Cable without a cable box, check these channels using your built in TV tuner (QAM tuner): 127.1, 127.4 and 128.2, 128.3 are in 1080 HD, and the following are in Standard Definition: 120/1 through 120.5, 120.7 through 120.15, 121.5 through 121.9, 130.1 through 130.6, and 130.11 through 130.13.

  20. Is bright house running these free previews this week end

  21. AT&T in Florida turned on the free preview today, Nov 28. It was a nice surprise though!

  22. Looking for the Comcast channels for free preview. Help?

  23. Faye–
    To get to free preview on Comcast, Use On-Demand and find the show you want to watch.

  24. Liberty cablevision

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