Free Preview of Starz On Demand for Comcast Customers

Free Preview Begins: January 22, 2015 (Thursday)
Free Preview Ends: January 26, 2015 (Monday)

starz-logoThere’s a free preview of Starz On Demand on Comcast Xfinity January 22-26.

Thank you Bill and Paul for sending this in!

Channel Lineup:

Check with your provider for the local channel lineup.

Comcast Xfinity


  1. I.usually post cox stuff lol

  2. Nope. I’m a Comcast subscriber in MA and as of today, January 25, 2015 there is no free preview available via set-top box. Apparently it’s web-only here :(

  3. Thanks

  4. Its working here in FL!

  5. I am in Mass and it is working here, but you have to be able to go to “On Demand” to see it. Watching the whole 8 Episodes of “Outlander” right now. Besides the Original shows, not much to see on Starz, HBO etc. Same old rehashed movies that no one wants to see. Not worth my money.

  6. noope not working in PA either, what a let down, after seeing comercial for it on tv

  7. It works through on demand only geniuses.

  8. It’s working in York, PA.

  9. It worked for me via on demand. Does anyone know what time the freeview ends today (Monday 1/26/15) or did it end at midnight?

  10. I had trouble all weekend with getting the Starz OnDemand to work. Finally resorted to looking up online at Comcast to see what movies were available, then using the OnDemand search to find them.

    If you are unable to watch all the movies you want during a free preview if you start a movie and watch a minute of the opening, then stop, the movie will still be there to continue for 24 hrs, even tho the free preview is officially over. I had 6 movies cued up last nite and they were all there this morning, even though the ‘Starz Free Preview’ button was no longer up.

  11. I saw the ad for free stars for a week but when I tried to use it it tells me I have to buy the services. Very common for the Comcast “bait and switch”. I tried to call tech support but everyone at Comcast is braindead!!!

  12. I was going through my HD channels and the Starz channel is on now with movies. It’s way past 1/26! Wonder what the catch is?

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