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This Month’s Dish Network Free Previews

Free Preview Begins: August 6, 2015 (Thursday)
Free Preview Ends: September 1, 2015 (Tuesday)

dish-network-logo-5161083Dish Network will be showing free previews of DIY, UP, and Discovery En Espanol August 6 – September 1.

Channel Lineup:

111 – DIY
188 – UP
845 – Discovery En Espanol

Dish Network


  1. When will dish network have HBO CINIMAX showtime or starz on? Thank you Joanne Ellis

  2. Why do we not Get free HBO, Cinemax? Or maybe you Have the Wrong Dates advertised!?

  3. I’m subscribed for America’s Top 200 with HBO & Max! Last couple months all the free previews have been for those channels that I have! Also have hopper and don’t see the Netflix app as advertised!

  4. I just got notice of free Epix to be available on Dish, but not seeing it here. Is this true. I want to set my dvr if this is true, but it is still not accepting my scheduling.

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