Starz Free Preview on DirecTV & Frontier FIOS

American Gods

Free Preview Begins: March 7, 2019 (Thursday)
Free Preview Ends
: March 10, 2019 (Sunday)

Update: Verizon FIOS will also be showing this free preview.

Starz will be having a free preview March 7-10 on DirecTV and Frontier FIOS. More providers may be participating, so leave a comment below if you know yours is. This free preview of Starz celebrates the return of American Gods.

Thank you, Monique, Chris, and Jerry for letting us know about this free preview! Do you know about an upcoming free preview? Let me know about it!

Channel Lineup:

525-542:  Starz



  1. Verizon FIOS in is also offering this free preview.

  2. Starz is 902-908 on ATT (will update 3/7 as to availability)

  3. Looking forward to this. Not so much for “American Gods” but there should be some good movies on.

  4. Hm. When is this supposed to start? It’s after midnight on the 7th here, still no access.

  5. The free preview of stars is it from channel 525 to 542 are all those free till march 10th? Please reply

  6. Att uverse included

  7. Also on U-verse now.

  8. Joel, free previews don’t start after midnight, they start at 6 am on the day and run til 6 am the day after the date listed so that you get the full day. So Thursday, March 7th at 6am til Monday, March 11 morning at 6am.

  9. Direct TV is not honoring this free weekend. They are requiring you sign up for the three month trial.

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