Free Showtime on Multiple Providers Starts Today!

There’s a ton of providers who are starting a free Showtime preview today. The free preview starts today and ends on Sunday. Click on your provider for more information.

Verizon FIOS

Charter Communications


Time Warner Cable

Comcast will be offering the free preview of Showtime as well. Thank you Jesse for letting us know about this one!

AT&T U-verse as well as Cablevision is having this free preview!


  1. Not getting it on T.W in Dallas. Tho we never get any of the free previews.

  2. Not getting it on FiOS either (Portland, OR).

  3. Okay, I believe it’s for VOD selections only, not the actual Showtime channels.

  4. On Top Picks on Comcast On Demand right now and not seeing the “Showtime Freeview” option. What time does it start?

  5. It looks like everybody’s having problems with this today! Maybe that means it’s on Showtime’s end?

  6. yeah me to cant get it

  7. mark in elyria,ohio.i am now getting it.must be 1 pm start.

  8. Works on DIRECTV.

  9. VOD ONLY in New England on Comcast!

  10. What channel do I watch these two free sites until the 28th?


  11. For Comcast go to

    OnDemand > Top Picks > Showtime Freeview

  12. Verizon Fios has it On Demand only . . .. . not the regular channels

  13. Thanks for the info sashwa and Uncle Joe!

  14. Not getting it on Time Warner in NW Ohio :(

  15. I have it free with COX here in Phoenix!

  16. In California, with TWC, I’m getting it on Video On Demand only (not the actual channels).

  17. Here in San Diego, CA COX has the Showtime Free Preview. Ya’ay!

  18. Just did a chat with Comast Customer Service. Even though the Freeview On Demand ad acts like it is for Showtime in general, the free preview is for ON DEMAND only. And, contradicting the ad itself, the chat rep said the preview is through March 31 (not March 28). But, I’ll believe it when I see (or don’t see) it last longer than the 28th.

  19. Not getting it on DISHNETWORK either. Not sure WHY???????

  20. Cablevison in NJ is offering only SHO channel for free. Someone at CV forgot to enable the free VOD. CV Customer service did not even know about the free SHO! They are not passing through the free SHO VOD to customers. ANd this is the same Cable operator thata few weeks ago wanted subscriber support in their dispute with ABC!

    Probably the CV management does not even know some bureaucrat got lazy or forgot to provide free pass through of SHO VOD.


  21. Adam, unfortunately Dish isn’t offering the free Showtime preview.

  22. Hmmm, U-Verse in CT. I have Showtime channels but no On Demand so far. Looking thru the movies this weekend, pretty poor selection unless your interested in “Disaster Movie”

  23. Verizon FiOS now has the Showtime channels available (in addition to VOD) through Sunday — the channels were turned on late last night sometime.

  24. I called the cable company on Ohio because we were not receiving it this morning..(Fri)…they said it would be on free preview from Time warner in lorain Ohio

  25. not working on TWC in NYC… very disappointed

  26. I have been waiting over 1/2 hours to speak to a rep. When you go on Showtime, it says it’s $5.00 per movie. Who’s nuts?

  27. It does work for Verizon

  28. Comcast is not offering a free preview of it’s showtime channels, no they are only offering a free preview of “pre-selected” movies and showtime series episodes, so the strikeforce fight tonight on showtime cannot be watched for free. Go figure, leave it up to Comcast to find a way to limit something free, when my contracts up I’m going to DirectTV Comcast is the worst provider ever, so many problems with their service, and as proven with this free preview…nothing is free with comcast.

  29. I just checked with Comcast and the free preview is for On Demand only, not the regular movie channels.

  30. I got it on fios so thanks for the heads up

  31. It isn’t clear when this started or the Sunday it ends. If it started on Thursday, March 25, 2010 and end on the following Sunday (March 28, 2010), then why are the Showtime Dexter episodes and webisodes still free?

    I’d love to know . . .

  32. It was on DirecTV, however, there weren’t any movies on worth watching. That stunk…Oh well at least it was free.

  33. It worked on ATT uverse but if they were trying to get us to subscribe it was a miserable failure. Absolutly nothing came on that we wanted to see.

  34. Can’t get it in Memphis!

  35. Today free Showtime began (1/7/11). I can view Showtime but I can not view the Video On Demand portion of Showtime. I have FIOS and they said on my Facebook that I could view VOD this weekend. I am so looking forward to watching Dexter. I have tried calling Verizon (on hold forever) and Showtime (only computer to talk to and they couldn’t understand what I wanted.

    I hope this gets resolved soon!!!!!


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