Reminder: Free Preview of Starz & Encore This Weekend for Most Providers

Free Previews Begin: April 11 or 12, 2013 (depending on provider)
Free Previews End: April 14 or 15, 2013 (depending on provider)

Just a quick reminder that most cable and satellite providers will be offering free Starz and Encore. Some are starting as early as today and some are ending as late as Monday.

Below are links to my previous posts about these free previews. Please leave a comment if I’ve missed anything.

Free Preview of Starz & Encore for AT&T U-Verse – April 11-15

Free Preview of Starz & Encore for Verizon FIOS – April 11-15

Free Preview of Starz and Encore for Dish Network – April 12-14

DirecTV Free Preview of Starz & Encore – April 12-14

Free Preview of Starz for Cox Communications – April 12-14

Anything on that you’re planning on watching or recording?


  1. It’s 6:35 am EDT and all I can get is Starz East on DirecTv. They haven’t connected the other Starz or Encore.

  2. They just connected the rest. Sorry

  3. Don’t have it yet on cox

  4. Once again Comcast is left out.

  5. The offer is bu!!sh!t, but if you call you will get a bunch of free stuff all the time.

  6. Well in NH time Warner doesn’t, have it bummer wanted to check out sparticus

  7. Not on charter, apparently. :(

  8. Not on verizon fios :(

  9. I was wondering why Suddenlink does not have the fee weekend.

  10. when will charter have a free weekend available ?

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