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Possible Free YEAR of Showtime for Time Warner Cable Customers

Free Preview Begins: April 3-15, 2015
Free Preview Ends: April 3-15, 2016

showtime-free-previewI had a Time Warner Cable reader send in that they’ve received a flyer stating that they’re going to get a free year of Showtime and The Movie Channel that will be activated April 3-15, 2015.

I’m not sure how widespread this truly awesome free preview is, but you’ve received this flyer too, please leave a comment below.

Thank you Heather for letting us know about this free preview! If you know about a free preview please let us know about it!

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  1. I got the same flyer in N.E. Wisconsin.

  2. I received the exact same postcard. Wonder if it has anything to do with the $7.00 or so increase in monthly subscription rate? I already have HBO.

  3. I live in Western NY, I received that same flyer in the mail. If TWC actually does it or not is a different story.

  4. I received the e-mail about a week ago.
    Plano, TX

  5. Yeah, I’m in NE NY and I got that same flyer.

  6. Rotterdam, NY. Received postcard last week

  7. perhaps it is something that was agreed upon to forestall a lawsuit due to their many overcharging schemes . . . or because it is making so much more sense to switch to internet TV nowadays

  8. Yep. It’s in the Kansas City market. I wonder if it’s across the board.

  9. We received the same flyer here in northeast Ohio.

  10. Not such thing in ROchester NY so far.

  11. how do I get Showtime free for a year is says it on top

  12. Same here South Padre Island. They raised rates so it was will ease the pain of higher prices while you forget about it. Just like Obamacare a little subsidy at the beginning then no subs as they pull out the chair.

  13. I got the offer – Rochester, NY. I currently have HBO. Offering Showtime and TMC for a year.

  14. Got the samething!!

  15. I received the same flyer in the Dayton, OH area. As of March 13th, still haven’t gotten the channels. Anyone else?

  16. Mount airy, NC. Got it too awesome to get free showtime… But do they show new movies or just old movies

  17. Got the postcard down here in SoCal as well. Very excited and I hope it’s new movies too, like you said

  18. Is this for real or is it not.

  19. i got the postcard as well. still blocked on my tv tho. does anyone have it working yet?

  20. received the flyer also. still nothing and channels still blocked here in Kansas City metro.

  21. for those of you asking why it hasn’t been activated yet:

    If you read the Postcard you’ve recieved.
    You will see that it will be activated between 04/03 – 04/15.

  22. it’s the 17’th and still no free showtime despite getting the flier

  23. I got the same flyer in Summerville, SC!!!

  24. I live just outside of buffalo ny and have the flyer as well

  25. Says freeview starts April 3-15 for Showtime and The Movie Channel. And April 10-13 freeview for HBO and Cinemax.

  26. I got the flyer a couple weeks ago. I’m in Southern California. So excited to catch up on Shameless.

  27. I received the flyer as well in Ithaca NY!!

  28. We received the same flyer and we live in Lima, Ohio.

  29. Free Preview for: Showtime, The Movie Channel
    Available to Subscribers of: Time Warner Cable

    Free Preview Begins: April 3-15, 2015

  30. I also received the postcard and we are hopeful the channels will become available between April 3 – April 15 for a full year. It’s a super opportunity, just hope it happens!

  31. Got mine. Cleveland ohio

  32. Is this for current TW customers or for new customers only?

  33. I got it too…I’m in Ridgefield Park, NJ

  34. Can’t find them in L.A. Anyone know what channels they are?

  35. I’m in L.A. and just called customer service. She said I’m not getting it. =(

  36. I got the flyer too. I told my husband it was supposed to start April 3rd. It did not start as of yet. And until he read this website he thought I was lying. I agree that it is a way to ease some of the fees and high prices that we suffer under TWC. Please let me know if someone actually get the channel soon.

  37. 3 p.m. here in sw ohio. Channels still not activated.

  38. Woo Hoo! It’s 4/3/2015 and we have free showtime and The Movie Channel!!! :)

  39. BTW: I’m in North Jersey, just accross the Hudson from NYC

  40. TW seems to be the only one without free previews! this website listed Showtime preview a couple months ago, but nothing just like today and I doubt at all this weekend! I just scrolled through listings and nothing but older movies or uninteresting Docus so not such a big deal after all in OC, CA

    Awful and expensive service yet no small perks like this.

  41. I live east of Cleveland in Lake County OH and received the same promotion in the mail. As of today (4-3-14) Showtime and Movie Channel are NOT active. I called Time Warner customer service and they said that it is coming but at different times of the month depending on your location in the US. I hope this helps.

  42. I got it here in Cali

  43. The notice lol sorry

  44. Just called. They will be added sometime between the 8th and the 15th here in San Antonio.

  45. Thanks Tom in East Cleveland.

  46. talked to customer service they said in about four hours and it should be on….well that was 7 hours ago so I guess they are in that far away time zone with different hours…way our luck goes with them it will never happen in SoCalif. where we are…..

  47. Here in Bangor Me. Nothing yet.

  48. Still nothing here in SW ohio

  49. well today TWC told me only the selected customers will receive the free offer…so like anything else they do it is not for all customers according to customer service. But they would not tell me if I was selected but that if you are it will just start up between 4-15 of the month. So I guess it was just another scam from them to get people to buy their service…we will see if it shows up in the next few days….did not remember the flyer saying only select customers..

  50. 2:36pm in S.E. Wisconsin got the flyer, no channels

  51. Got the flyer. Showtime has not been activated as of 04/04/15.

  52. Ravenna, Ohio. Just turned on Showtime and it is active here. I am looking forward to the HBO preview since Game of Thrones starts April 12th. It will be nice to see the show as it airs for a change.

  53. I received a flyer in the mail about getting showtime and the movie channel free for one year. is this true?

  54. I also got the flyer. And it’s April 4 th and not active!

  55. I got the flyer as well, central NY, but as of April 5th the channel is not activated yet.

  56. It’s 4/5 not active yet here in downstate NY

  57. TWC keeps telling me if you received the flyer you have been selected and it will just start one day between now and the 15th….so I guess you just have to wait…I went on their Facebook and that is what I was told. So I guess the wait and see while we paid way to high prices to watch reruns will just have to be enough…wonder how many people got the flyer and will never see the FREE line up??

  58. I got the post card in the mail as well for the free year preview…it is on yet!

  59. I got a flyer as well…..still nothing as of Easter…

  60. I hope if anybody does get this offer they post here so we will all know it was not a scam from TWC…

  61. I received the flyer, I am in Southern CA it’s 4/5/15 and channel is still not activated. We’ll see if it’s activated by the15th as user Dave posted above.

  62. Got the postcard here in Ulster County, NY — checked again this morning (4/6) and it’s still not activated.

  63. Mon 4/6 Central NY, Showtime on now for me. Just stay patient. It said it cld take until 4/15

  64. Just checked, I have Showtime and TMC in San Diego.

  65. good to hear somebody got it….still nothing about 200 miles north of you….

  66. monday 6 april started here in NE north carolina.
    we had also received a flyer back in march

  67. Got the notice here in Austin, Tx. Haven’t checked it out to see if it’s been activated. However, are they hoping that a year from now you’ll either be hooked or forget to call and cancel?

  68. I received the card in the mail. I am in Orange County, CA. As of April 6, 2015, Showtime is not activated.

  69. Lincoln,N.E. here got the flyer in early march as of 10 pm April.6 still got nothing if this doesn’t happen goin to dish

  70. the free channels started here in SoCailf. at 1800 hrs. if you did get the flyer then just wait it is really happening..

  71. SoCal – I got the postcard and I checked last night and my free Showtime and TMC are now on!

  72. SoCal – some of my neighbors called and were told they don’t qualify for this promo. TW Rep stated it was only for customers that had been with TWC for a long time/years and years.

    Can you all state how long you have been customers with TWC and whether or not you received the promo?

  73. April 7,still nothing in Maine.

  74. Here in SoCal, Palm Springs, Showtime and TMC is of 4-5-15

  75. Received in Austin, TX and enjoying the free channels.

  76. I got the free preview here in louisville ky

  77. I didn’t get a flyer, but I checked the channels and they’re active here in KC.

  78. I’m here in Austin and I have not received the channels yet. 4/8

  79. Southern CA 4/8 my channels are on now

  80. I had it in Waco for a few days. Just checked and and now they are not available. ?????

  81. Here in Carrollton, Texas, I got the free preview on Monday, April 6 and it was taken off Wednesday, April 8. It is now the 9th and it has not been back on. Gosh, I despise Time Warner. Anyway, the station has nothing but rubbish.

  82. A friend of mine got one here in Elmira, N.Y. I didn’t though.

  83. I got the flyer and it was activated for only like to days on my tv and now nothing I get it on the time Warner cable tv app but not with my cable box…it was working yesterday

  84. I hope this is true because I really want to see Penny Dreadful Season 2 :D I don’t know if any of you guys got Showtime free for 2 years like around 2013? I remember I got Starz for a month then I went to cancel it and they gave me 2 years of Showtime for free… it expires this June 2015… so I hope I get another year for free :P

  85. Nothing in Bangor, Maine

  86. I just spoke with time warner cable they told be the showtime free preview is only for the weekend can anybody else verify that is true. I was told it was for a year???

  87. the flyer did say for a year free…but if you talk to them they will tell you only if you were selected for it…they say they used the time you have been a customer….the longer the better your chance of getting it. Guess I have paid enough over the last forever years and we have it…

  88. I have Showtime & The Movie Channel since 4/10 in NYC for free so far … let’s see if it lasts for a year

  89. Bangor, Maine
    we STILL don’t have it. Thank you TWC.
    We wouldn’t want to waste our time watching T.V.

  90. Got the free Showtime/TMC back in August 2014 and I hope is last until April 2016 and don’t expire on the original date “August 2015”. Also that mean I will get another additional 8 months of free movie from time warner.

  91. 4/19 Nothing in Maine. Maybe time to switch.

  92. I forgot to ad our rates went up this month too.

  93. Nada here in Buffalo, NY but I would really like this to be true.

  94. Same here, Phil. Never got a letter about Showtime but did get a letter saying ‘more savings!’ and it turns out that my bill will go up about $16 monthly. Not sure how that’s ‘more savings’ unless that’s a subtle way to tell me that it could be a lot more costly than it is now. It’s getting to be way too much and I think I understand why people are cutting the cord these days.

  95. Got this in TWC’s Orange County, CA market WITHOUT receiving anything in the way of a notification. In fact, I was convinced we’d been “slammed” by an unscrupulous salesperson; that I’d see charges for both channels on my bill as of May; and that I’d need to call and raise hell to get them removed.

    So imagine my surprise when I instead see my current bill and these marked as a “1 year free” promotion at $0 charge.

  96. I’m seeing it, the hitch is the programs are edited and to receive unedited versions you need to sign up for Showtime. Yeesh, from SoCal

  97. Where is my free year of SHOWTIME?

  98. Where is my free year of SHOWTIME?

    We have been customers for many years.

  99. My free 1 year of Showtime/TMC from August 2014 expired today. I was really hoping to get another 8 months free. Time Warner try charging me for Showtime/TMC when I went to renew my bill contract and I told them no thank, please cancelled Showtime/TMC. And they did because I checked those channel on my cable box when I got home from work.

  100. Bangor Maine I got the post card back in March, I have called about it 3 or 4 times keep getting the run around still no free showtime or Movie channel here. Just rude customer service workers.

  101. Honolulu, Hawaii
    Received same mail…..activation starts between DEC 3-DEC18 2015. Promo ends NEXT YEAR 2016. This is the first time in 3 years since I’ve been with TWC that they offered this. Hopefully it’s true….and hopefully it’s not too much of increase!!!

  102. Newport Beach, Ca

    I received the same mail. It never came on. I called and he said he can see it , but it would not let him add it on without charging me full price. In the meantime he asked if I new of all the new services including alarm. He could not add it and sent me to another extension. That person said he could not find that promotion and I would be charged full amount and if he had satisfied my concerns. I said you tried ,but did not. What a waste of time. I should just drop TW for the hassle.

  103. I’m in So Cal. Received the flyer that said it should begin between Dec 3rd – 18th, that it is FREE and will run for 1 year. It said I didn’t have to do anything to receive it or to discontinue viewing it. As of today I still do not have the channels. I’ll wait until the 19th and if I don’t have it I’ll just chalk it up to another lie by TWC.

  104. I received the same notice in the mail stating that TWC would offer Showtime and the Movie Channel free Dec 3-18, 2015 for one year and that I had to do nothing to receive this promotion.

  105. Received the same thing…free YEAR of Showtime. No action needed. Activate date 12/5/15.
    I called TW and they didn’t know anything about it. Of course I threw it away so no proof. I hate to complain about something that was going to be free. Just frustrating when you are expecting a perk and it gets pulled out from underneath you!

  106. Yesterday I received an automated message to confirm service appointment…which I didn’t order. Called TWC and rep said that I was selected to receive SHOWTIME FREE FOR 1 YEAR! Thought it was an error, confirmed with rep that I would not be charged anything for the year and today I have SHOWTIME… hopefully there isn’t a catch to this awesome reward for being a long time TWC customer!

  107. i got a flyer but no free channels.

  108. Got a postcard about a month ago from TWC that I would be receiving free Showtime and TMC for twelve months starting sometime between Dec.3rd and Dec.19th. Well, here it is Dec. 21st and still no Showtime or TMC. Called number on postcard and a recording telling me that they are “experiencing technical difficulties, with the free Showtime offer, at this time.”
    Hilarious. When I called Time Warner a few years back to add HBO (which I paid for) so I could watch Game of Thrones they had it turned on in less than an hour!
    Time Warner is such a rip off.

  109. Got the postcard. Free Showtime for a year. No action necessary. Never happened. Their reps have no idea what I’m talking about.

  110. I live in NYC (Manhattan), received the flyer in Nov. 2015. Called TWC rep inquired about it because the mailer also stated that after the one year free period, it would automatically expire. I found this hard to believe having many disagreements with TWC. Rep confirmed all of the information was true. Presto, SHO & TMC came on in the middle of Dec. 2015. Enjoying them for now.

  111. I live in Deep South Texas and while negotiating a better rate with TWC, and cancelling HBO, I was informed that all customers were getting free Showtime and The Movie Channel until the end of the year. I immediately got suspicious and asked if they were going to renewed automatically at the end of the year for a fee each. I was told they would just automatically expire without fees. I checked my TV, and lo and behold, free Showtime and The Movie Channel.

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