NBA League Pass

DirecTV Free Preview of NBA League Pass

Free Preview Begins: January 17, 2011 (Monday)
Free Preview Ends: January 23, 2011 (Sunday)

DirecTV will be having a free preview of NBA League Pass starting January 17th and wrapping up on January 23th.  Be sure to check the game schedules out to find out which games you want to watch.

Thank you Ethan for letting us know about this free preview! Do you know about a free preview? Let FreePreview.TV know about it!

Channel Lineup:

751-768 NBA League Pass



  1. I am a Directv subscriber and I have spoken with two customer service reps with Directv regarding the above free preview of NBA League Pass and was told that they are not offering any such preview for the dates of Jan. 16-24, 2011. Why are you guys advertising as such??

  2. Sorry about that DJ, I had the dates wrong and it starts tomorrow.

  3. How about for Dish subscribers? Will we have the free preview?

  4. Not that I’ve heard of. I’ll let everyone know if I find out different.

  5. Verizon FIOS is having this free preview as well. Thanks Owen!

  6. Comcast also has the free of the NBA League Pass. Can even go to watch the League Pass at NBA.con.

  7. If I sign up today with almost 1/2 the season gone, why would I still pay full price? Seems like a pro rated offer should be in place.

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