Huge Free Preview of HBO & Cinemax This Weekend

There’s a huge free preview of HBO and Cinemax happening this weekend on a ton of satellite/cable providers.

The free preview is to promote the season 3 premiere of Game of Thrones on March 31st but you’ll be able to watch all HBO & Cinemax programming the entire weekend.

Here’s a wrap-up of who’s offering the free preview and when. If you know your provider will be having this free preview and they’re not on the list, please leave a comment below so I can add it.

DirecTV Free HBO and Cinemax – March 29 – April 1

Dish Network Free HBO and Cinemax – March 29 – April 1

Verizon FIOS Free HBO and Cinemax – March 29 – April 2

Cox Communications HBO and Cinemax – March 29 – April 1

Time Warner Cable / Insight Communications Free HBO – March 29 – April 1


  1. Will the preview include On Demand shows like True Blood? Anyone know if Fios will include this? Thanks.

  2. Any word about RCN?

  3. What happened to ATT Uverse?

  4. I’m on Comcast and we have HBO and Cinemax OnDemand content entirely available to us now (also Showtime) — movies, specials, series, etc.

  5. Why does FIOS rarely ever publish/promote these free weekends??

  6. Jean, FIOS usually announces them in the flyer/magazine they send out every month. It’s on the page with the calendar.

  7. when exactly does the free preview weekend begin? its the 29th for me right now.

  8. free HBO on now, but no Cinemas…what a rip!

  9. What channels on Cox Communications? I can’t find any that are working yet?

  10. What gives? 3hrs and still waiting for the channels to come on and nothing! :/

  11. Time Warner says that this will not start until 6:00 pm.

  12. Is Comcast Xfinity included in the free preview?

  13. It’s 4:00 PM CST. Nothing yet, what is up?

  14. I got the free weekend but it did not include Boardwalk Empire, the only show I wanted to see. Includes On Demand but again without Boardwalk Empire. Sorry HBO but you are still too expensive for me. I have Verizon Fios.

  15. Wave Broadband?

  16. Perfect. Found this site coz I was wondering if there was a way to get notified. I bumped into Cinemax & HBO on Friday because I know they give free previews during some holidays. Signed up.

  17. How come the Verizon FiOS gets an extra day?

  18. How long is this preview suppose to last. I see it says april 1st for most but does that mean directly at 12 am?

  19. Yes xfinity app for Xbox is working for me! Game of Thrones season 1, 2 available:-)

  20. Does this mean I can watch True Blood on demand for free? Someone please tell me. I don’t want to get charged.

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