HBO & Cinemax Free Preview for New Years Weekend

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Free Preview Begins: December 29, 2018 (Saturday)
Free Preview Ends: January 1, 2019 (Tuesday)

There will be a free preview of HBO and Cinemax December 29 – January 1 on AT&T U-Verse but more providers may participate as well. If you know that yours is, please leave a comment below and I’ll get it added to the list.

Other providers that are participating:

  • DirecTV (Starz as well)
  • Optimum
  • Buckeye Cable

Thank you, Doug, for sending this in!


  1. Will they have it on DirecTV

  2. Do Directv Now customers ever get any Free Previews??

  3. Anything yet from DIRECTV?

  4. Hbo cinemax starz and showtime on directv december 29 2018
    – januray 1 2019

  5. I hope spectrum will be apart of this but I will wait and see if it happens

  6. I would think DirecTV too but I’ll wait and see.

  7. I’m thinking Comcast but I’ll wait to find out if it does make the list

  8. Charter never has previews

  9. Hbo cinemax starz and showtime December 29 2018-January 1 2019 on DIRECTV

  10. Direct tv is sure to participate since AT&T owns direct tv

  11. They will be playing seasons 4, 5 and 6 of Game of Thrones during that weekend if anyone wants to record it.

  12. I would like to think DirecTV would but they just had a multi channel free preview over Thanksgiving.

  13. WOW tv is great so I’m hoping for something from them too!

  14. frontier prob not!!! they stink

  15. Optimum also says it will have free preview from dec 29- Jan 1.

  16. What about FIOS TV

  17. I would like you to add Comcast to the list of providers for the preview weekend.

  18. Direct Tv

  19. Cox Communications should have it too.

  20. Directv is

  21. It’s been added to Direct TV.

  22. Buckeye cable too

  23. DirecTV has the freeview posted on their web site

  24. DiecTV… also says it will have free preview from dec 29- Jan 1.

  25. Why didn’t Directv give the range of the channels free for this preview instead of making us guess??????????????

  26. Please add Comcast to December preview weekend

  27. I’ve only seen HBO & Cinemax listed on the DirecTV website. Where are people seeing that Starz (and Showtime?) are part of the preview?

  28. I have DirecTV and I don’t know where people are getting Starz or Showtime from. Only Starz is listed on the official above, but Showtime is mentioned in the comments as well. DirecTV pushed the message out to the on-screen guide inbox and it just says HBO and Cinemax and I’m not seeing differently on the site either.

  29. I have DirecTV and the message I got from my interactive guide is HBO and Cinemax free preview. No mention of Starz and Showtime.

  30. WOW Cable is participating too

  31. Dish?

  32. Yeah, it looks like DirecTV, despite posting a message that they were, do not actually have Cinemax, Starz, Showtime, or The Movie Channel. At least they don’t here. Dunno about HBO, since we already had that. And I even went through and did a hard reboot on the server.

  33. Comcast Xfinity is doing this free HBO and Cinemax preview too.

  34. Yeah I don’t know who came up with Starz or Showtime on DirecTV (there’s neither) but I’m happy enough with HBO and Cinemax. There’s some good movies on and you can record all the way up to 4am on the 2nd.

  35. Xfinity (Comcast) is offer free preview of HBO and Cinemax starting December 29 through January 1st.

  36. Puerto Rico.
    Liberty Cablevision, DirecTV and Dish Network

  37. Verizon Fios is also having a free news years eve preview but only on HBO and only on their FIOS TV app/beta site. I can’t see the channels on my set top box.

  38. I have Xfinity n not getting ANY of the channels…anyone have any idea y I wouldn’t??? I live in ingleside, IL

  39. Cox Cable is not participating in this HBO preview.

  40. Charter sucks. They never participate in free previews.

  41. Looking forward to this.

  42. Hm, I must have done something wrong, I haven’t been able to hear of what has happened to my Fios free preview account

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