1. pick me, pick me!! ;-)

  2. I love Amazon and freepreview.tv

  3. Thanks for all the great tips Freepreview!

  4. Thanks for the contest. Great idea!

  5. Freepreview rocks!

  6. Thanks freepreview.tv

  7. be sure to send gift card to the correct address

  8. Even if I don’t win (but hope I do) I use the freepreview.tv informtion all the time

  9. Me too

  10. Great Idea! Couldn’t wait untill tomorrow! Thanks a lot Freepreview.tv

  11. Nice to be notified when free channels are available, especially when my provider doesn’t notify me! Thanks!

  12. Without Freepreview.tv I would literally be left in the dark as far as any free premium channel viewing is concerned. Thanks for keeping me in the loop!

  13. Please enter me in the contest.

  14. FREEPREVIEW.TV = Icing on the TV-shaped cake!

  15. What? Today’s the last day to enter?! I have been so busy watching all of the free previews that I heard about from FREEPREVIEW.TV! Oh yeah, I also love Amazon!!!

  16. Keep up the good work

  17. Great! I Love both Freepreview.tv and Amazon!

  18. Thanks for the postings and thanks for the contest — love the free “samples” and I’ll keep checking for updates!

  19. I would like to be entered in the drawing please…thanks.

  20. Hi! Thanks for always keeping us informed! HOLLER!

  21. I love letting people know about free previews.

  22. I would love to win.

  23. Free Preview is good news!

  24. Freepreview.tv was a great idea! I wish I’d thought of it first. But, seriously, it is a fantastic service you provide!

  25. I’ve been able to record so many movies to my DVR because of you guys, thanks for the awesome service!

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  27. Hope I’m not to late to enter.

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