HBO & Cinemax Free Preview for Charter Communications

Free Preview Begins: September 5, 2008 (Friday)
Free Preview Ends: September 8, 2008 (Monday)

Charter Communications is having free HBO & Cinemax for all their subscribers September 5-8. Thanks Jesse for the heads up on this one!

Channel Lineup:

Check with your provider for the local channel lineup.

Charter Communications


  1. It’s September 5. There is no free preview.

  2. Hmm, perhaps its late coming in. I know they heavily promoted it starting about a month ago. Keep us posted!

  3. No HBO or Cinemax in CT either. If you’re going to advertise something how about carrying through. Their free offers are a dependable as their paid service. To expensive and basically a hostage situation.

  4. So sorry on this guys – nothing worse than looking forward to some free HBO and not getting it. Maybe someone over there will get a clue and decide to turn it on.

  5. No free HBO or Cinemax here in Tuscaloosa, Al., either. They need to be more dependable or we may switch to Direct TV.

  6. It might be a screw-up on HBO’s end, because apparently it’s AWOL on other systems too. At&T U-Verse was supposed to get it as well, but didn’t.

  7. Not that I am defending Charter…. grrr

  8. I called charter. It is HBO’s fault and I still don’t have free HBO.

  9. Kory – did they have any idea if it would get fixed this weekend? My guess is if they don’t get it fixed this weekend they will try to offer this free preview again in the next few weeks.

  10. no free hbo as always charter is wrong.

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