HBO and Cinemax Free Preview for Many This Weekend

Free Preview Begins: April 22, 2016 (Friday)
Free Preview Ends
: April 25, 2016 (Monday)

There’s a free preview of HBO and Cinemax on quite a few providers this weekend. This free preview starts on April 22 for most but it may show up on April 21st for some of you. It will wrap up on Monday, April 25.

Here’s who we know are participating:


Thank you Rahul and Jason for the last minute tips this morning for Dish Network and Verizon, and of course everyone who’s sent in tips for the other ones. Please let me know in the comments if your provider is not on the list but showing this free preview as well. Thanks!

Channel Lineup:

Check with your local provider.


  1. Dish just started its HBO and Cinemax Free Preview. It’s gonna be a sweet long wkend..

    1. What time can u view the channels

  2. RCN is also having a free preview this weekend!

  3. What’s the problem at Charter Cable? They NEVER have free previews.

  4. Another preview Time Warner is passing on!

  5. I hate Time Warner.

    1. At least you can watch the Dodgers. Cry me a river

  6. I love that Dish always starts theirs a day early.

  7. Is centurylink doing this free preview also?

  8. Verizon gives a 48 Free Preview option for all its premium channels. Not sure if this is the same as the HBO and Cinemax free preview this weekend. Does anyone know? I would love to be able to binge watch HBO weekend and save the 48 hour option for another time. I am greedy and cheap.

  9. Betty save the 48 hr preview option for another time. You will be able to use it on another premium channel =) at another time

  10. TDS fiber optic says they will start HBO preview 22nd April

  11. anybody know if grande is participating?

  12. I have cox communications and im not able to watch hbo or cinemax right now. Any reason why? Thanks

  13. I have dish and am only seeing the free preview in SD so far. No HD.

  14. OMG! Time Warner is not participating???

  15. I guess time-warner isn’t giving us the free weekend. You’d think $170 per month would afford them to do so….but that’s why we are ordering Dish Network by the first of next week. See ya CableOne!

  16. I guess $170 per month for the last year doesn’t afford CableOne to offer us the free preview. That’s why we are ordering Dish Network within the next week. See ya CableOne! Hope you go under soon!

  17. Im literally waiting here to see when they unlock the channel so i can start binging Vinyl cause i saw the first episode and it was amazing! Also im going to see Godfather pt1 and 2 for the first time cause its on demand
    In a Supercut of the movie thats 7 hours long lol

  18. Verizon Fios up and running since late last night here in NY.

  19. I have Frontier/FIOS here in FLA and don’t see a Damn thing. WTF Frontier…….?!!!!

    1. Frontier just took over FIOS here in CA too, and I’m not getting the free weekend either! That’s bs.
      Call their sales dept tomorrow at 888-438-3003
      They open at 8am (eastern time) and complain. That’s what I’ll be doing!

  20. Cox is supposed to have a free preview BUT IT DOES NOT. Cox sucks. The complex pays for it and they will not help me install, give me a cable to connect without hitting me with a 50.00 bill.

  21. TWC sucks especially their lack of marketing skills. Free HBO from other providers to enjoy programming but not the penny pinchers.

  22. During the freeview on Directv, do they also allow for on demand viewing? I’m just getting the subscribe message.

  23. Buckeye Cable still not fully up at 9:30 AM on all channels. The only thing up is their rates! Most HBO & Cinamax channels either have sound only, show a message telling you that you don’t subscribe, or tell you that they aren’t broadcasting and try another channel. Pretty poor advertising for their service. No thank you!

  24. Frontier got Verizon services in Texas. NO free preview. I don’t even see Frontier listed on this website.

  25. Not for Verizon, now called Frontier…new company does not have it together

  26. Verizon/Frontier in CA, no preview yet. I’d really like to know if it’s a technical issue or new policy.

  27. Nothing in FL for Fios. Thanks Frontier.

  28. Verizon/frontier no free preview. I’m starting to hate this.

  29. I just contacted Cablevision, they are not offering the preview.

  30. I guess Comcast Xfinity isn’t participating here in the backward central valley

  31. Frontier FIOS (formerly Verizon) in Tampa, FL does NOT have the preview this weekend. Frontier still does not have their act together on the transition from Verizon.

  32. Course charter not doing free wkend but want u to pay monthly bill nothing never free at charter

  33. Canlevision/Optimum here in NYC not offering free preview weekend. Cheap asses.

  34. What the heck? Why isn’t Time Warner participating? Ugh! Stupid Time Warner.

  35. Notice Frontier is not on the list?

  36. Charter spectrum not showing

  37. Thanks for nothing Frontier. So far your service sucks. Disgruntled in Los Angeles.

  38. Frontier, formally Verizon, has no free preview in Tampa, FL as of 4-23 @ 8:12 pm.

    Way to go Frontier…

  39. My free preview started on time but ended a day early, wtf Comcast!? I wanted to continue my got marathon, now I can’t

  40. CHARTER SUCKS THE BIG ONE. They will vacuum up every nickle you have and demand more. As a reward for being a faithful subscriber and paying your bills on time they will increase your bill, unbeknownst to you, and yet give first timers HUGE DISCOUNTS AND BONUS DEALS. Just as soon as I can find a promo for ATT Uverse; I’M OUTTA HERE…. Bye Bye Charter/Spectrum

  41. Not really happy. It is advertised that free HBO and Cinemax would end Monday 04/25/16 and it ended a day early…right in the middle of the season premier of Game of Thrones! I was thinking of adding HBO to our subscription so I could watch season 6. NOT NOW!!! In fact I think I might just cancel our cable subscription. They need to deliver on what is advertised!

  42. Very disappointed here in Tampa. First thing Saturday I called Verizon. They didn’t know the problem, so they switched me to Frontier. They didn’t know, so switched me back to Verizon. The second guy at Verizon I spoke to basically said, “Let me find someone smarter than me to help you”. I hung up after that. Stayed on the phone for almost an hour altogether. About 30 minutes after I hung up, Verizon called me back and left a voice mail that basically said, “Hey, I found out the name of the guy”, but didn’t leave me the name nor a phone number to reach him. We were happily with Verizon for more than 15 years. A great shame.

  43. My fios dvr is almost full! Also caught up on a lot of old hbo series since they basically have all their shows on demand now like hbo now. Was a busy tv watching weekend and monday night. ;)

  44. Dish is the BOMB! They start early, usually a full day before, & they end sometimes a day after the set free preview end date. It’s just about 12.18am into Tuesday, & they’ re still on.. Y’all with Verizon, or Comcast ought to research and check ’em out. Goodluck foes.

  45. Suddenlink (which I didn’t even know about the freeview until this morning) is still showing HBO & Cinemax right now. It’s 11:30 Tuesday :)

  46. NO preview, in La Quinta, Palm Deesrt. Thats sucks. There ought to be a law suit against these incompetent idiots, miscreants.

  47. you didn’t miss a thing. HBO and cinemax are a waste of time. watched TWO movies.

  48. It is friday afternoon and somehow I still am receiving the free HBO preview. I have frontier in the tampa bay market. I hope I didnt somehow order HBO. Has anyone else found it still on?

    1. Thanks Kevin. Will have to see if it’s in the Sarasota area tonight for GOT!

  49. I still have HBO free from Verizon. When does it end?

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