Free Preview of Starz & Encore for DirecTV, Dish Network, and Verizon FIOS

Free Preview Begins: November 23, 2011 (Wednesday)
Free Preview Ends: November 27, 2011 (Sunday)

Looks like there are going to be lots of free previews over Thanksgiving weekend. Here’s the first of several:

DirecTV, Dish Network, and Verizon FIOS will be having a free preview of Starz and Encore channels November 23-27. You can see below for the channel numbers for DirecTV and Dish.

Thank you Jack and Louis for letting us know about this free preview! If you know about a free preview please let us know about it!

Channel Lineup:

525-542 on DirecTV

340, 350-356 Dish Network




  1. DIRECTV, & Dish Network will add HBO, & Cinemax with STARZ/Encore on November 23-27.

    1. Thanks Jonas. Do you have anything to confirm that? So far Dish & DirecTV are only saying Starz.

  2. Just want to thank everyone for the info! I love this website!! You guys rock!!!

  3. AT&T U-verse will give a free preview of U450 for thanksgiving same date too.

  4. Thank you Brandon!

    525 Starz Kids & Family HD – HD Only 
    526 Starz Comedy HD – HD Only 
    527 Starz / Starz HD
    528 Starz / Starz HD – West 
    529 Starz Edge / Starz Edge HD
    530 Starz InBlack / Starz InBlack HD
    531 Starz Cinema HD – HD Only
    535 Encore / Encore HD
    536 Encore (west)
    537 Encore Love
    538 Encore Westerns
    539 Encore Suspense
    540 Encore Drama
    541 Encore Action
    542 Encore Family

    Dish Network
    340 Encore / Encore HD
    341 Encore – West
    342 Encore Westerns
    343 Encore Action
    344 Encore Suspense
    345 Encore Drama
    346 Encore Love
    347 Encore Family
    350 Starz / Starz HD
    351 Starz  Starz HD – West
    352 Starz Edge / Starz Edge HD
    353 Starz Cinema
    354 Starz Comedy / Starz Comedy HD
    355  Starz In Black
    356 Starz Kids & Family / Starz Kids & Family HD

  6. Isn’t the free preview for Starz on Dish Network a moot point anyway? I though Dish was already airing a freeview of Starz that began this past February and is lasting until this coming February, I know that The Walt Disney Company sue to try to get them to cease the preview but it was ruled in favor of Starz, and they were allowed to continue it.

  7. It is my understanding that the 1-year free Starz was given only to people who were already DISH subscribers as of last Feb. New customers since then do not get the 1-yr free Starz deal.

    So the free preview weekend is a benefit to those new DISH customers, but not to the majority of DISH subscribers who already have Starz for free anyway.

  8. Whats cox communications doing

  9. Many Cable Providers will add HBO, Cinemax, Starz, & Encore will be added on Novemeber 23-27, 2011.

  10. Anyone know what time these free previews start? I’m on the east coast with Verizon Fios and it has yet to start for me.


  12. Southern Oregon here and getting the channels, plus Sundance :-)

  13. It’s working for me with DirecTV.

  14. The Starz Free Preview will end on Tuesday, November 29, 2011 for DirecTV, Dish Network, & Verizon FiOS. After this Free Preview is Free Preview of HBO, Cinemax, Starz, & Showtime for Many Providers on December 16-19, 2011 for Bresnan Communications, Bright House, Cablevision, Charter, Comcast, Cox, Dish Network, Grande Communications, Insight Communications, Mediacom, Midcontinent, RCN, Rogers, Star Choice, Suddenlink, Time Warner Cable, TVMax, & Verizon FiOS.

  15. My free preview just ended @ 6 a.m. EST Directtv : (

  16. A DirecTV subscriber. Was working fine yesterday the 26th, but not getting the Starz free preview on Sunday morning the 27th. So much for the “Thanksgiving Weekend” free preview. I thought Sunday was still considered part of the weekend.

  17. 9am Sunday… FIOS freeview Starz not working :-( It was working last night, and the announcements on FIOS said through Sunday?!

  18. Directv- Southern Oregon here… Weird, only certain channels are playing today: 525, 527, 529, 530, 531, 535, 540, 541… The programming guide states the preview ends today.

  19. I tried recording the extended versions of the Lord of the Rings trilogy on DirecTV on Saturday night / Sunday morning, and they all came up as partials because my DVR didn’t think I had access to Encore half the time. So I guess DirecTV just had problems on Sunday.

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