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Free Preview of Showtime and More on AT&T U-Verse

Free Preview Begins: July 22, 2016 (Friday)
Free Preview Ends
: July 24, 2016 (Sunday)

showtime-free-previewAT&T U-Verse will be showing a free preview of Showtime, The Movie Channel, and Flix July 22 – 24.

Thank you Jerry for sending this into me!

Channel Lineup:

Check with your provider for your channel lineup.

AT&T U-verse


  1. would love to have att


  3. As of 12:37 AM EDT on July 22, 2016, there is no free preview of any premium channel on AT&T U-verse.

  4. Thanks for posting

  5. It’s 3:00 a.m. July 22,2016 and no Showtime Free Preview on Uverse

  6. Right now it’s 12:18AM Friday July 22, 2016 – AT&T U-verse has not flipped the switch – where’s my free Showtime??

  7. I dont think this is accurate, its 4am friday the 22nd and there is no preview currently running for ATT Uverse.

  8. At&t – 1:55am still no previews

  9. I don’t see any of those channels available yet this morning for Uverse.

  10. As of 9:40 am CST, the Free Preview isn’t happening in Dallas.

  11. Your information is woefully incorrect. There is no ATT Uverse free preview TV 22-24 July ….so they say. I suggest in future if you cannot validate and ensure the veracity of your information that you NOT POST ANYTHING!

  12. Today is the 22nd and no Showtime.

  13. I have ATT-uverse and just tried Showtime, TMC and Flix and they are not available.

  14. I have Uverse but still do not have any free preview for Showtime, TMC, or FLIX and it is now Friday 7/22/16 11:02 AM. Kind of disappointing. This website has been correct on all other advertised att uverse movie weekend previews, but it appears that this one is not accurate.

  15. anyone try this? can’t get it to work. att customer service says it is not a valid deal

  16. For some reason I’m not getting the Showtime free preview. I called customer service and some indian guy said that because I have the u200 package I won’t be getting the free preview. I find that a little odd since that was not mentioned on their website when they annouced the preview.

  17. Either there is no preview or it’s not nationwide.

    1. Nothing as of 1:30 CDT…what gives?

    2. I feel ya, I got that here too

  18. It’s not on mine. I’m in Texas.

  19. Could they have meant tonight? After midnite? Maybe the dates were off by a day?

  20. No free preview here on my U verse. What’s the deal?

  21. I agree with Juan, we did not get this free preview, and the notification has always been right before.

  22. Not working. For any channel. Live in CA.

  23. Yeah I don’t see it either.

  24. Was really looking forward to Ray Donovan. Too bad

  25. It’s 4:45 on Fri, 7/22/16 – no Showtime or TMC on Uverse. May need to double check facts next time.

  26. We don’t see the free preview.

  27. Still not showing up for Uverse in Kansas City MO.

  28. Must not be here either however it was advertised here and I see nothing on Showtime but a blank channel hummmm very strange don’t tell me there acting like Comcast now telling people something that’s untrue..
    Really Att. Really SMH

  29. Agree with Juan, we did not get this free preview.

  30. LIES…..Where’s the free Showtime as advertised this weekend JULY 22, 2016


  31. It appears AT&T or Showtime cancelled the free preview weekend at the last minute. 07/22/2016 – 07/24/2016

  32. This was a verified tip. That being said, this isn’t the first time AT&T had decided not to “flip the switch” at the last minute.

  33. I don’t have it either! I’ve been looking all day.

  34. The preview was listed on an AT&T website as early as this morning, however, it has been taken down now.

  35. Verified eh? Hah.

  36. I just turn to showtime, TMC, and Flix NO FREE PREVIEW? to me this is false advertising.

  37. Showtime channels are not available. I didn’t have this issue with Dish Network or Direct TV.

  38. This Really Sucks ! Thought Coming Back To AT &T Was A Good Move ! I Guess Not ! Nothing Free In The CLE !

  39. I saw this promo on their website over a week ago and put it on my calendar. Tried the channels today and they did not work, nor is it any longer advertised on their website. This happened to me last month too.

  40. Sorry all, it was at this site when I posted it; https://www.att.com/esupport/article.html#!/u-verse-tv/KM1009826

    It has been removed since! Don’t kill the messenger :-)

  41. Not missing much anyway.They will probably show a bunch of crappy movies from the eighties and throw in some more crap from the nineties.maybe show two or three recent releases.You know the ones,The ones that went straight to DVD.

  42. I would have posted no. 35 sooner, but I have u300 and get it anyway. Next time I’ll follow up sooner. :-)

  43. I can confirm what jerry said. Yesterday it was still at https://www.att.com/esupport/article.html#!/u-verse-tv/KM1009826. After midnight though the preview disappeard.

  44. Very disappointing AT&T

  45. The free Showtime preview turned up on Hulu Subscribers. Free Showtime shows 7/22-7/24.

  46. AT&T did publish it on their website, I even took a screenshot of it if you want to post it since so many are getting mad at the messenger.

  47. It’s July 23(Sat) and still am not getting the preview. -Texas-

  48. There is Showtime free preview weekend now on Hulu.

  49. Since the free preview is not listed on the Message Center on my TV, I’m going to assume you guys got the date wrong.

  50. Wasn’t on my uverse this weekend

  51. I looked all weekend, but couldn’t get the free channels. Please post if dates are rescheduled.

  52. It was posted on the Uverse “Free Previews and Discounts” page as well. They just out and out LIED!!!

  53. This appears to have been Hulu only & didn’t include any UVerse. SHO may be targeting both Dec & Jul annually for these free Hulu weekends.

    A possible source for the confusion is the fact that T already had a shared content agreement with Hulu for it’s own site. You can purchase a Hulu sub from the T site for $8/mo. T is still eyeing on adding Hulu as a VOD UVerse sub bringing it to TV. The currently have Disney Movies, The Anime Network, Filipino, & HereTV as such. There are also rumors of T having interest in a live 24/7 “best of Hulu” channel.

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