NHL Center Ice

Free Preview of NHL Center Ice

Free Preview Begins: January 19, 2013 (Saturday)
Free Preview Ends: January 31, 2013 (Thursday)

Update 1/20/13 – Verizon FIOS and Cox have this free preview too. Thanks Diane, Joe, and Munchkin.

Update 1/19/13 – DirecTV (January 19-31, chs. 769-785) and Comcast are taking part in this free preview as well. Thanks Jamie, Kevin and Tim!

There will be a free preview of NHL Center Ice on Dish Network January 19-31 but I’m guessing that many other providers will be taking part as well. Please leave a comment below if your provider will be offering this free preview.

Thank you Ned for sending this in!

Channel Lineup:

Check with your local provider.

Dish Network


  1. Ahhhhhhh,

    Everything’s right in the world!

  2. Not on ATT U Verse

  3. Cox is also on the list.

  4. NO NY RANGERS! Why why why!?!?!?! I have to listen on Radio!! Have NHL Network they were blocked out, now i see FREE CENTER ICE, was soo happy! then I check NO RANGERS!!! Going to have to upgrade my account! Thanks DISH! Even the Online Site wont work for the Rangers! Lots of very ANGRY RANGER FANS OUT HERE TONIGHT!! Original 6 and we CANNOT WATCH THIS!!! Smoke is coming out of my ears right now! NHL Network is part of my package, why dont I get My Rangers!!! Going to upgrade! I’d “downgrade” to the America Gold Package but it looks like they, DISH, dont offer that anymore? I cant win Tonight!! Going to call DISH and see what I can do, I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT MY RANGERS! they are on tomorrow too!

    TO ALL THE HOCKEY FANS OUT THERE!! GOD LOVE YA!!! Whatever team you support! We have waited a looong time to see them this season.. From what I can “hear” on my radio! LOL sounds like it was worth the wait, even though the RANGERS are down by 1 right now! but all you Hockey Fans KNOW what I am talking about! or YELLING ABOUT!

    Missed not 1 but 2 good fights so far!

    LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!! HENRICK!!! thankyou NY RANGER SITE for letting me listen to one of Favs Dave Maloney! The Maloney Brothers! LOVED THEM when they were on the team!

    Okay Im Babbling, but You Hockey Fans out there, and My Fellow RANGER FANS KNOW!! You KNOW what I am going through tonight!!!

  5. Open on Cox in Tulsa OK.

  6. Verizon fios is participating as well!

  7. DIRECTV is having a free preview of NBA League Pass 21-27. So an ad on TV

  8. waaahhhhhh! The rangers suck donkey balls!!!!!

  9. Cablevision Optimum service is taking part in the free preview. However the games are not in HD. Does anyone know if that is because it is a free preview or it is like that when you pay? I would spend the $50 for the season for HD but not for SD.

  10. @Brian

    I think most games are HD but some are still in SD for some reason. Just a luck of the draw kind of thing.

    Does anyone know if blackout rules apply during free preview? I thought my team (Flyers) would be blacked out, but I have watched their last two games on DirecTV’s free preview.

  11. Cox Communications started the preview late and ended it a day early. They are a BAD company.

  12. NHL Network & Centre Ice should have been both free for this season, considering how much money the NHL owners saved by the lock-out! Regardless of the penalties payable to the cable & satellite companies, as a measure of redemption to the fans who have suffered more than anyone else!

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