NFL Sunday Ticket

Free Preview of NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV

Free Preview Begins: September 12, 2010 (Sunday)
Free Preview Ends: September 12, 2010 (Sunday)

If you have DirecTV, then you can catch a one day free preview of NFL Sunday Ticket on Sunday, September 12th.

Thank you Justin for letting us know about this free preview. Do you know about an upcoming free preview? Let me know about it!



  1. I got 2 minutes of NFL Sunday ticket and then it said I do not have access to the channel… or any of them. What gives?

  2. Same here. The Red Zone channel says error 721: channel not purchased. This sucks. I was all settled in to check out the Sunday ticket.

  3. Where is the free preview? I’ve got my whole FF league over here to watch the Red Zone channel today. What Happened?

  4. DirecTV is saying on Twitter that there is a free preview today and it should be working. It seems like others are having some problems as well though.

  5. The freeview is BS I got nothing kinda a big tease

  6. It’s working for me!

  7. yeah mine works too!

  8. I got the free preview just fine. What directtv really needs is a free preview of Playboy though. :P Rowrrr.

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