Free Preview of HBO, Starz, Showtime & EPIX on AT&T U-Verse (U450)

Free Preview Begins: November 27, 2014 (Thursday)
Free Preview Ends
: November 30, 2014 (Sunday)


Update – Turns out this free preview includes the whole U450 package. You’ll get the Sports Package, the premium channels below, U-Verse games, HD channels, and On Demand.¬† Thanks Al.

AT&T U-Verse has an awesome free preview coming up for November 27-30. The free preview includes HBO, Starz, Showtime, and EPIX.

Thank you KN for letting us know about this free preview! If you know about a free preview please let us know about it!

Channel Lineup:

If you’re an AT&T U-verse customer, you can visit the online AT&T U-verse Channel Lineup guide to see the channel numbers for the channels included in this free preview.

AT&T U-verse


  1. Apparently the several times I informed this website of this preview they ignore my submission. This preview is of the U450 package. Not only does it include all of the premium channels like HBO, Cinemax, Starz, The Movie Channel, and Showtime, they are also including the Epix package for free. Epix is a seperately $8 subscription usually. Also if you don’t have the U300 or U450 packages you will recieve all of the channels that have that blue screen that says you are not subscribed to this channel. Check their guide online to see what extra channels come with each package. All of the on demands for each premium network will be available as well. Uverse games channel will be included for free as well. Enjoy everyone. Thanks to this website for ignoring my detailed submissions again that would of had all the details not just the tiny bit of information you have here. I’ve been telling you about this for weeks now and still you never acknowledge my submissions.

  2. Here is the official press release that I submitted to this website weeks ago and a few more times since.

    7th Annual U450 Thanksgiving Free Preview

    November 27 – November 30

    Enjoy the U-verse U450 package Thanksgiving weekend with most channels you would get as a U450 subscriber like the Sports Package, Premium Channels: HBO, Cinemax, STARZ, Encore, Showtime, HD channels, On Demand and HD On Demand. In addition, watch EPIX and Screen Pack, and play U-verse Games. (Excludes all Disney and ESPN programming.)
    The free preview may contain PG, PG-13, TV-14, TVMA and R-rated material. You can use parental controls to restrict programming or filter by rating.

  3. Al – The only comment I’ve received from you is here – https://www.freepreview.tv/hbo/free-preview-of-hbo-for-veterans-day.html#comments. Which I saw but didn’t really think you were presenting it as a tip. I also require double confirmation that the free previews are happening which I didn’t have until now. It may sound odd but yes, there are people that give me false information on purpose. No reason to take things so personal. If you’d like to send a tip in the future you can do so here – https://www.freepreview.tv/know-about-a-free-preview.

  4. Admin,

    I have submitted tips to your site for over a year. You have an area right here on your page to click on that says “got a tip”. I submitted the information and a page pops up saying thank you for your submission and it was received. If your website isn’t functioning properly then you better look into it. I not only submitted the info while using your mobile website version but I switched to your desktop version as well and submitted it just in case. I also with all my submissions include the links to Uverses own page where they list promos, movie coupon codes, and the dates/schedule for current and upcoming previews. My guess is that you took a quick look through the submissions, saw my email name (it’s silly), and took it as one of the false submissions. The link you included here is the same thing I’ve used to make past submissions. Maybe if you really haven’t gotten anything we should test it out to see if anything is getting through from my end. I’ve used both an iPhone and iPad to make submissions.

  5. Does anyone know what time in the morning the preview starts? It used to start the night before at 9pm for the east channels and 12 am for the west channels (for west coast). But they seem to have stopped that.

  6. It will start at midnight central. Or at least that’s when it starts for me. The channels won’t always be on right away though. Most of the time they are just black screen for an hour or more. Usually I’ve noticed but it’s not always this way, it’ll be a black screen if a program was in progress already before they switched them on. As soon as the program ends and a new one begins it seems the channel finally comes on. But the on demand channels will work immediately when the preview starts. That’s what I usually do when the previews kick on. I go watch a movie on demand and by the time I’m done with it, the channels have all turned on. I’m not sure though what time the preview will start for other time zones. I can only speak for central time (Chicago). It will cut off usually at 2am the night of the last day. So it will run through midnight the 30th and cut off at 2am central on the 1st of December just 2 hours after November 30th ends. Get it? Good.

  7. Also included is the games channel 93

  8. We all have said Uverse games are included James.

  9. Quick question – is the game channel going to be included too?

  10. Wait.. is there a free preview on Uverse Thanksgiving weekend? Will it included games? ;)

  11. I don’t really care about the free t.v., what I really like are the games, tis a pity the Games are not included.

  12. Sure wish this included the Hallmark Channel

  13. Does it include Amc?

  14. During the preview weekend can I record shows and watch them after the preview ends?

  15. Can you record the on-demand movies???

  16. Al seems mean

  17. Leslie,
    The movies still on my DVR from the last preview say yes.

  18. Yes you can record shows and movies and watch them after the preview ends. It’s a good way to bump up your movie library. I’ve got lots of movies saved from previous previews. Unfortunately you can’t record the movies off of on demand. You have to record it off of the channels only. So for example you play an on demand movie out of the menu, you cannot record it. If you see the same movie or tv show playing on HBO or another channel at like 2:30 or anytime or day during the preview, you can record it. Also remember that you can’t set shows or movies to record on the channels that you don’t normally have until AFTER the preview starts. So if you went today (Wednesday the 26th) and tried to set up movies or show to record during the preview on channels not included in your current package, it would give you a message saying you can’t record because you aren’t subscribed. As soon as the preview starts tonight you may start setting things to record. AMC is included in the basic U200 package so yes it will be in this preview. And hallmark has been dropped off of UVERSE for quite awhile now. Not sure if you’re being a smartass like the others about those channels but I’ll answer just the same.

  19. When can I begin recording? I tried today and it said not available.

  20. Does anybody know why disney/espn isn’t usually included in these free previews?

  21. Thanks Al for all this information. I remain unclear only about whether On Demand movies are also ‘free’ for this weekends preview. Browsing the channel it appears I will be billed for whichever movie I select.

    Thanks again for taking the time to answer everyones questions!


  22. Does anyone know of this preview is supposed to be available on the channel apps like HBO? It seems like they used to be, but the last several have not been available to me through the apps, saying that I’m not a subscriber to the channel, even though I am to Uverse.

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