DirecTV Possible Free Preview of Showtime & The Movie Channel

Erica emailed me to let me know that Showtime and The Movie Channel (TMC) are coming in as a free preview on DirecTV. I have no idea when this free preview started or when it will end. Can any other DirecTV subscribers confirm this free preview?

Thanks for the info Erica!


  1. Showtime and TMC are not coming in for me. No free preview here for my DirecTv box.

  2. Thanks Gil – I’m going to go ahead and leave this post up in the off chance some areas are getting it.

  3. Bummer Gil.

    I’m not sure why I’m getting it or how long it will last. I’ll enjoy it while I can though.

  4. Nope. Not getting it in Oregon either. Darn it :(

  5. Nothing from the midwest
    Thanks for posting

  6. Nope…nada…they’re prob just trying to reel her in then cut it off so she’ll realize how much she “needs” to have it, lol. Our last free preview “weekend” lasted through the next Weds, then poof!

  7. Yes, I just did a quick check and am getting Showtime, TMC, Flix. I wonder how long this will last.

  8. Not getting it here in the St Louis area.

  9. Nothing here in NorCal.

  10. nothing here in NYC

  11. not here north e philadelphia i just cheked to see thers no free channels lol shame i love it when there on so many kool movies to see aight my people im out get at me…

  12. Coming in loud and clear in southern Florida. Thanks.

  13. Not working in Dayton, OH. We are getting the free sports pack weekend though.

  14. Not in Dallas either.

  15. Maybe it’s just regional? Not getting the free preview in the San Francisco Bay area.

  16. Not getting Showtime here either, but I am getting the Sports Pack as well. I’m near Cincinnati.

  17. Not getting it in Northern Va either

  18. darn… where are you getting it? There’s nothing here in the NYC area…

  19. some folks are getting it as an anniversary gift for their subscription.

  20. In Denver, and am getting the sports pack, but no showtime/tmc.

  21. not in So. Cal either :(

  22. I’m in Connecticut and I also have the channels. I called to find out what was going on and it is free for 90 days. I was told that someone may have called with a recent problem regarding service and it was “a gift”. I had issues with my account last month which were quickly fixed. Maybe????

  23. We’re not getting it in Des moines either. Bummer

  24. My dad is getting Starz and Showtime for 3 months due to problems he was having with his Directv. They called him to take a survey and he got it as a free gift. This is in Wisconsin.

  25. I just received a snail main congratulating me for being a DirecTV customer since 9/2000 and that they’re giving me 3 months of Showtime as an anniversary gift.

  26. We’re not getting it here in Seattle area. I didn’t take any surveys, and didn’t have any problems.

  27. On Aug. 9, I found this link. So ALL the premium movie channels are free Oct 15-17. (I wrote an e-mail to Directv about a viewing problem. They told me to call in about the problem and they throw in Showtime free for three months. I’m not sure how this help!)

  28. I’m in Seattle and have the free Showtime package. We’ve had it for 2 or 3 weeks now. Our service began a few years ago in Sept/Oct, so an anniversary thing makes sense to me.

  29. DirecTV sent me a mail flier saying free Showtime for 3 months (10/1/09 – 1/1/09) due to the recent hurricane(s) – I’m in Mississippi.

  30. LJK – that link is VERY OLD – looks like around 2003/2004 – this year October 15-17 is NOT a weekend.

  31. We’re getting Showtime TMC Flix & Sundance AKA the Showtime package I came across it and thought hmmm it had been about 5 years since we switched and maybe…. well I got snail mail saying it was anniversary gift

  32. I discovered last night that I’m getting free showtime, TCM and FLIX. I’ve been with DirecTV for five years and think this must be an anniversary gift, although I received no notice. Also have no idea how long this “gift” will last. I tried looking on DirecTV’s web site and couldn’t pull up any information. Frustrating but I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth!

    It’s June 8, 2009 in Tennessee

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