Free Preview of HBO and Cinemax This Weekend

A nice handful of providers are showing a free preview of HBO and Cinemax this weekend, July 21 to 24. Please leave a comment below if you see that your provider is participating as well. Thanks so much to everyone who sent these in!


  1. Comcast in Jacksonville Florida

  2. What time do we get the free channels?

  3. I have vantage TV and it is not showing any of the free channels. What’s going on.

  4. Can you add Liberty Cablavision Of PR again

  5. WTF?!!! If it’s ONLY going to done in a handful of states primarily on the west coast , then why the hell advertise it anywhere but those states?!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. What about shentel?

  7. Does Spectrum have the free preview?

  8. Shentel (Shenandoah Telecommunications Company) here in beautiful Weston, WV has the Free HBO/Cinemax weekend. July 21 thru July 24.

  9. what about Richmond, va

  10. RCN is also doing a free weekend preview.

  11. Cinemax started showing early morning here in ny fios.

  12. I wish Suddenlink was doing this.

  13. What about cable one in az

  14. Florida. Dosent get it ???? Comcast you suck.. thats why im switching providers

  15. Wow is doing it

  16. Playstation Vue

  17. how can I access it? I have Directv on my Iphone7
    thank you!

    please list the steps

  18. Of course, Spectrum is not one to give away anything free. They just like to keep raising your bill.

  19. We have it on U-verse in St. Louis this weekend.

  20. UVerse McKinney, TX

  21. Getting it on Dish in North Dakota. Nice surprise for the weekend!

  22. Guess Spectrum not offering. .No Bueno!!

  23. Sling TV is as well

  24. How do we get notified for future free weekends

    1. Sign up here to stay updated for future Preview weekends

  25. Getting it here in south sioux city nebraska on direct tv

  26. Consolidated

  27. U-verse in Dallas is a go

  28. Dish in Rosebud Tx is participating. Thank you.

  29. Fort Lauderdale FL Uverse had it all weekend!

  30. I did not get a notification from my provider that they were doing the HBO free preview this weekend. The free preview happened but without notification from the provider that HBO was now on I missed it. HBO needs to make sure it’s providers advertise and let viewers know when the free preview is going on so that the viewers can plan accordingly.

  31. Really awaome my last message was deleted,thats is great stuff but however I have direct tv and I still a few preview chanels accessible. HBOeHD and MMAXHD and 5MAXHD. So not all the channles and ita Tuesday at 10:18pm west coast time

  32. If my last message gets deleted then I will make sure nobody comes to his website and believe me I have that power

  33. Interesting how HBO decided to give the free preview after the opening weekend of GOT so people couldn’t record all the episodes from the previous season.

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