Free Preview of EPIX This Weekend

Free Preview Begins: May 12, 2016 (Thursday)
Free Preview Ends: May 15, 2016 (Sunday)

Several providers are showing a free preview of EPIX this weekend, May 12-15. Here’s who we know is participating:


If your provider is showing the free preview and you don’t see them on the list, please leave a comment below and I will post an update.


  1. All 3 channels are on Dish right now.

    1. It not on in pa

  2. 3 Epix channels on now for Dish but missing Epix Drive-in. May come on later bc normally part of Epix package.

  3. What a surprise. No Time Warner.

  4. I have Verizon FOIS and unfortunately, we are not able to access EPIX Hits or EPIX Drive-In.

  5. Frontier bought Verizon FIOS in Florida. Guess no more previews for us. :-(

  6. Is anyone else getting the other part of the stars encore free weekend time Warner had a couple weeks ago? It was supposed to be both channels that weekend but stars was the only one on. They must be trying to make up for it now

  7. Epix is not showing

  8. No kidding, Frontier in TX has free previews of EPIX available right now

  9. I can watch Epix on uverse tv but I cannot watch Epix movies on uverse.com. It says I need to upgrade. Never had an issue with watching movies on uverse.com on a free weekend before. Maybe it will start a day later.

  10. Frontier bought Verizon FIOS in California. Guess no more previews for us. :-(

  11. All 3 are on Sling.tv.. Pretty cool

  12. Charter has Epix blocked as of 10:40am CDT…shocker.

  13. Not on Charter!

  14. Don’t know how to make it work with Brighthause. If i pick the EPIX channes, it asks me to purchase a month for 5$. Any tricks?!

  15. I’ve got movieplex on Charter right now but not epix.

  16. What channel is epic on Direct?

  17. This is a total Scam. There is no free preview through ROKU !
    I’ve worn my nail off trying to add my info to no avail. I’ve gone to websites,again nothing.
    Just keeps asking me to sign in. And when you do, just goes back and again asking for a sign in.
    Why even mention a free preview if there is none.
    I have enough time on my hands to be able to tell everyone that EPIX is a Scam,and I will!

    1. I have subscriptions for all the premium channels, except EPIX, and can’t watch any on my ROKU either. It requires a different subscription which is messed up!! I know your frustration!! :(

  18. I’m catching the free preview on all 4 EPIX with Uverse. Sure wish I’d of known sooner so I could record, record, record!!

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