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Free Preview of DIY, OWN, Current, and GSN This Month on Dish Network

Free Preview Begins: September 13, 2012 (Thursday)
Free Preview Ends: October 9, 2012 (Tuesday)

There’s a free preview of DIY, OWN, Current, and GSN being shown this month on Dish Network, September 13 – October 9.

Channel Lineup:

111 – DIY
116 – GSN
189 – OWN
215 – Current

Dish Network


  1. there’s an announcement on the tv for choice extra channels starting 102 thru oct 8th, but this one here is the latest on your website. can you please send me details

  2. they put a lot of bullcrap channel for free, no good channel and the ones we pay for is crappy and more commercals and paid programs then the movies.they are making a killing from ads and we are stupid enouth to pay for all this bullcrap,if every body droped them they would put good shows on and cut out half the ads

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