NHL Center Ice

Dish Network Free Preview of NHL Center Ice

Free Preview Begins: October 7, 2010 (Thursday)
Free Preview Ends: October 24, 2010 (Sunday)

Dish Network will be having a free preview of NHL Center Ice October 7-24.

Channel Lineup:

625-639 – NHL Center Ice

Dish Network


  1. DirecTV will be having the same free preview of NHL Center Ice, for the same time frame as Dish. 10/7/10 – 10/24/10

  2. Am wondering why DISH/Direct fails to see how NETFLIX has impacted the movie rental market with low cost movies and TV reruns?

    I for one would certainly opt to purchase my movies from HOME rather than untilize NETFLIX as I do now, and assume others would also. Seems as NETFLIX is the only one getting, “it” at the moment…with the advent of longer commercials now presented with TV programing it becomes an issue of paying to which commercials – many do find this objectionable.

  3. Dish Network is making it sound as if they are giving us the NHL Center Ice because we have lost MSG but it appears this is a “preview” we would have gotten it anyway? So the question is, will it continue beyond 10/24 or is this just one more con-job by DN?

    PS- What does Netflix have to do with the NHL Center Ice Package?

  4. Works for Time Warner Cable, too.

  5. Tried to get the free nhl preview in the Buffalo area only to find out that the games are not available for viewing thanks for the free previews

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