Free HBO and Cinemax This Weekend

There’s a free preview of HBO and Cinemax on several providers this weekend. They all run April 21-24. Here’s who I can confirm is showing it:

If you know of a provider that’s participating and isn’t on the list, please leave a comment and I’ll get it added. Thank you!



  1. No Comcast for the HBO & Cinemax Free Preview Weekend? WHY?!!

  2. Verizon FiOS has HBO now

  3. Doesn’t Cox ever have any free previews anymore? Jeeze

    1. Yeah it’s bull s@!$

  4. Why isn’t Cox doing a free HBO, Cinemax, or Showtime Preview Weekend? They have only had one so far this year and i missed it. Please do another some more.

  5. It”s on RCN also!

  6. No Cox Cable either ? They never participate

  7. Wish Cablevision Optimum on Long Island!

  8. Gee,Spectrum is new and with all their advertisements, they do not give ANYTHING free.

    1. IKR.

    2. Spectrum in sfv is a no go? Wtf?

  9. Cant you plz put Liberty Cablevisión of PR

  10. Thank you I love the Free Movie Weekends, love Direct tv.

  11. Which one sucks more. Spectrum or Fios?

  12. Kevin check in the Mourning they sometimes due it without announcing it

  13. DISH has the preview running at 5:34 P.M. April 20.

  14. Please add Spectrum!

    1. Yes.

  15. HBO and Cinemax aren’t free on Verizon Fios yet (as of 10 pm Thursday).

  16. Does is start at midnight?

  17. What time does free HBO start?

  18. What time does the free movie preview for Cinemax start on Directv? It is the 21st and 1:00 am and no movie preview.

  19. So far only Cinemax is on. Why isnt HBO on. directv

  20. What about Fidelity Communications in mArshall tx?

  21. HTC Horry Telephone Co.

  22. HBO & Cinemax both free on Verizon FIOS

  23. Buckeye Broadband is participating but it isn’t on this list. Can you add that?

  24. CenturyLink

  25. Sling

    1. I have Sling but only see HBO. Do you have both?

  26. HBO is not free as of 11:08 am.

  27. Is a free weekend or cable one in Sioux City Iowa yes or no

  28. For DirecTV customers asking about when the it starts – it’s always the same – begins at 6am on the day. Checking the night before and at 1am is never going to work to double check. But DirecTV customers shouldn’t worry anyway. DirecTV is liberal with the free previews and this one is in your Inbox if you check it on on-screen messages.

  29. spectrum in Kansas City is NOT participating as usual

  30. C Spire Fiber is offering free preview weekend this weekend for HBO and Cinemax.

  31. Spectrum in Western NY is a bust for free preview weekend!

  32. Yeah, I just had friend on Spectrum say she doesn’t have the free preview either, so clearly not everyone with Spectrum isn’t getting it.

  33. No HBO & Cinemax free preview weekend for Comcast this time but I’m wondering if there’s going to be one when it comes out like in the Summer maybe May, June or July (that’s when the new season of Game of Thrones premieres).

  34. I have direct TV and the free HBO And Cinemax still is NOT on what time does it start? Very confused. .

  35. Florida Centurylink is a No as of 5:40 PM

  36. only getting the regular channels — no on demand for hbo or cinemax fios in western ny

  37. Spectrum never does this. They only charge you sky high rates for crappy service!

  38. Verizon FIOS is also having free on demand preview from 4/21-4/30. Does anyone know if HBO, Cinemax, EPIX and Showtime will extend past 4/24?

  39. I have Centurylink and I don’t have free HBO this weekend. We are suppose to but it’s not on.

  40. Not showing on Suddenlink :(

  41. Come on Spectrum, get on board.

  42. What time and day does the free preview end?

  43. Anyone know if Spectrum in MN is part of it, my guess is No.

    1. We have Charter Spectrum and it’s on for us. SE Minnesota

  44. I’m hoping it’s really free and not s catch. At&t already did that to me and I ended up with HBO which I didn’t order and had to keep for a year or my bill was going to be way higher, they stated.

  45. No CenturyLink either. There was message when I turned on the TV even announcing it, but nothing is available.

  46. I have CenturyLink and no HBO or Max as of 8:35 PST

  47. Las Vegas not showing HBO or Showtime.

  48. Not on Centurylink in Omaha Ne

    1. Not in Nevada either

  49. Spectrum was a no go in the levonorgestrel area

    1. Lexington*

  50. Cincinnati Bell fiops is participating. Nver seem to get advance notice of these things

  51. No free premium channels on Century Link Prism in Tallahassee, Florida

  52. No premium channels on Century Link Prism in Tallahassee, Florida

  53. It did not occur to anyone with direct tv to actually tell us what channel it is on….when my contract expires…I am gone.

    1. They include a channel guide with your statements and their website has one listed. seems like a lame excuse!

  54. Not on Centurylink in Vegas, epic failure.

  55. MetroCast in Sanford Maine not on your list

  56. Not on Cox cable in New Orleans. That really sucks. I was kind a looking forward to it

  57. Not here in Wisconson!

  58. Not on Spectrum. The worst bs since TWC.

  59. Not working on Centurylink Prism in Minneapolis, MN

  60. Not here on Cox in Orange County,CA

  61. ITS STILL ON… Direct on AT&T in Stockton CA!!!!

  62. Sling HBO (Tampa FL location) only for the free preview. And it’s the 25th now and still showing. Wonder why?

  63. The free On Demand marathon has been extended to April 30th on Verizon Fios (so says it on the guide today under the ‘Featured’ category). Just an FYI ;)

  64. We had on Verizon Fios. No problems.

  65. I live in soldotna, Alaska and so far when movie channels are offered as free previews I haven’t gotten. ID should be free always!

  66. Guess not in northern il on xfinity

  67. PlayStation Vue has it also

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