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Dish Network’s Free Previews for February

Playing Cupid on Hallmark Channel

Free Preview Begins: February 1, 2021 (Monday)
Free Preview Ends: February 28, 2021 (Sunday)

During the month of February, Dish Network customers can watch these month-long free previews. The channels included are Cooking Channel, VH1, Hallmark Channel, OWN, and Gallery by Dish scapes.

Channel Lineup:

  • 113: Cooking Channel
  • 162: VH1
  • 185: Hallmark Channel
  • 189: OWN
  • 198: Gallery by DISH scapes


  1. Also EPIX 2/5-2/8, Starz 2/12-215, and Showtime 2/19-22. See

    1. Thank you Jeff. The freebie list is so tiny and blurred that I couldn’t read it!

  2. There is NOT a channel 198 for Dish scapes. Enter 198 and it goes to 197 directly. There is NOT a channel 198 to add to your “Modified Channels List”. Hmmmmmmm.

    1. I have channel 198 for dishscapes.

    2. Is your guide set to only show channels you are subscribed to by chance? The setting can be changed in the menu

    3. Have you tried adding it to your Favorite Channel list?

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