Free Preview of Starz for Many Providers

starz-logoThere’s a free preview of Starz & Encore this weekend happening for quite a few providers. If you don’t see your provider on the list, and you know they’re participating, please leave a comment below.

You can catch a free preview of Starz on DirecTV November 27 – November 30.

There’s also a free preview of Starz and Encore on Dish Network November 27-30.

Verizon FIOS is having a free preview of Starz November 26 – December 1.

There’s a free preview of Starz & Encore on Cox, November 26 – December 2.


  1. Comcast dose have any free channel

  2. Dish free starz & encore. Only encore showing not starz.

  3. I don’t think this is correct for Dish. They don’t have anything on their website, and channel 103 shows EPIX in free preview from 11/25-11/30.

  4. Epix is free for me on Dish right now.

  5. Thanks JP and Ralph. I’ve gotten several tips about the free Starz on Dish that sounded legit. Hopefully it will happen!

  6. The free preview on DirecTV is for Starz and Encore (just like the previous announcement said).

  7. I’m trying to find the announcement for this freebie on DirecTV website. Can’t find it to verify.


  8. According to their FB page, Grande Communications is doing the Starz and Encore preview November 26-30.


  9. I can’t find this info on directva website or my bills either…

  10. The movies on Encore are comparable to an old VHS collection.

  11. In forwarding 11/26 through Sunday, I don’t see any free channels on my DirecTV guide.

  12. DirecTV is advertising this free preview on their Messages app.

  13. Starz, Encore, and Epix all free for Verizon Fios

  14. NOTHING ON YET ON DIRECT TV. WHY NOT????? It is the 27th right ????? Come on people do your DARN JOBS !!!!

  15. I have DirecTv and as of 12:14 11/27, it’s not working for me…

  16. Brighthouse in Michigan

  17. I have DirecTV and Starz and Encore are available to me right now.

  18. I have bright house, and do not see any free Starz listed

  19. I have brighthouse in ocala FL and I’m getting Starz. Its pretty cool movie package. Wish I was getting Cinemax package free preview

  20. DirecTV previews always start and end at 3am pacific.

  21. cox has a free preview weekend?

    that is a first in a long time.

  22. Free preview on Midcontinent for both Starz and Encore; found out accidently because if there was an announcement from Midcontinent, I missed it. It is not mentioned on their website either.

  23. I have direct tv and it looks like I can get starz but not starz on demand! What good is that…?! I want to watch a specific show not whatever crap you happen to have on!

  24. I have comcast and I’m watching starz for fre. I do not know when it started or how long it will last. I see some say Dec 2, 2014

  25. Hello what about Time Warner what are the free previews

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