Dish Network’s Free Preview of StarzEncore

Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Free Preview Begins: February 23, 2018 (Friday)
Free Preview Ends: February 26, 2018 (Monday)

Dish Network will be showing a free preview of StarzEncore February 23-26. You’ll get 8 channels for free, including movieplex.

Thank you, Jennifer, for sending this in!

Channel Lineup:

341-347, 377: StarzEncore

Dish Network


  1. For Every free premium Channels, Including All of them; I Look forward to watching, all of them! Love the Movie,s and Having Something different, is So good! Love you Dish!!

  2. It’s the 23rd and it’s not on, anybody know the deal?
    Was hoping to watch Ash vs Evil Dead S3 premier.

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