1. They put it on your tv that they are officing ‘free’ bingea-thon\not only on your tv but also on your bill , ut guess
    what (I have also AT&T website) Nochannel 1000…..so
    what are they giving you…what to purchase this channel too
    my bill each month is already $222.12 and I am a loyal
    customer since 1999……they say one thing to get you
    hooked but unless you called them so they can get more
    money from you…..don’t promise stuff you have no intention
    of delving…..

  2. You made an offer for ‘free’…I have also the aT&T website.
    My monthly bill is already $222.12 how much more are
    you going suck out of me?
    You claim on my billing statement and also on my tv for
    a holiday binge a thin but unless we have a channel 1000
    we have no way of accessing it….so how can you claim you
    are giving us something for free.
    Been a loyal customer since 1999 and I already know the
    tricks….call us and you will set it up….for an additional cost!!!!

  3. I know I also don’t have that channel 1000 so what’s up direct tv why did u say we get free movies and such when we can’t that is unlawful

  4. Yeah we definitely don’t get those channels for free when it says we should. False advertising if you ask me

  5. I know you to get channel 1000 you have to have an on demand capable DVR receiver (like a genie, or HD DVR) and internet. If you don’t have those services your receiver wouldn’t pick up the channel. Hope that helps someone!

  6. I have a HD DVR and internet is connected to my box and still dont get channel 1000. Directv is so full of chit. When I got to chat with customer service it took 15 minutes just for her to figure out what Binge-a-thon I was even talking about then she sends me to this site and now it wants me to download something. I’ll just stick to HULUPLUS!!

  7. Not working for Cinemax titles.

  8. I get ch 1000, I have watched on-demand shows often, and this bingeathon is not working for me either. None of the Starz or HBO shows touted in Directv publicity are actually available. I just get the “would you like to order this pay channel?” message over and over.

    Bait & switch athon is more like it.

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