Dish Network Free Preview of Indieplex and Retroplex

Free Preview Begins: June 30, 2010 (Wednesday)
Free Preview Ends: July 28, 2010 (Wednesday)

You can catch a free preview of Indieplex and Retroplex in both SD and HD on Dish Network. They started June 30th and will play until July 28th.

Thank you Garret for letting us know about this free preview! If you know about a free preview please let us know about it!

Channel Lineup:

378 – Indieplex HD
379 – Retroplex HD
387 – Retroplex SD
388 – Indieplex SD

Dish Network


  1. I have been watching the Retro and Indie Plex preview and it has a good selection of older films, which I like, but what I don’t is that they show their films in widescreen and in fullscreen. I don’t like widescreen and I prefer fullscreen. I enjoy watching the film Patton, but they are showing it in widescreen. I think that if their going to show a film, show it in wide for the wide screen viewers and also in full screen for the fullscreen viewers, not one sided. I wanted to watch Patton in full screen and I am going to pass it up, because it is in widescreen. On a side note regarding widescreen DVDs’ I refuse to spend my money on widescreen. I have stopped buying DVDs’that are widescreen, even if I like it and its a favorite. What do all of you think?

  2. These channels are not very friendly with children to much nudity i think that is pretty messed up.. Put some free previews for nick so kids can watch it… IM SO DISAPOINTED IN DIRECT TV!!!!! IM GOING TO CHANGE TV COMPANY IF YOU DONT WATCH THE ADULT

  3. I agree with Wonda, regarding the non-family type films. I also have not seen any of the Rated G films for kids. The films shown on Retroplex have been good in terms of adult viewing. I think Retroplex has a better selection than Indieplex and Epix.

  4. R U Serious? The T.V. ratings are posted before the start of a film for a reason. If you don’t want your kids watching films that contain nudity, hit the info button and the RATING will determine whether or not the film is appropriate for children. If you want family oriented channels, stick with HBO Family. I just don’t get how everyone is so quick to explain as if these FREE channel previews are supposed to cater to specific customers. It’s a preview and its free. I understand that you want to protect your children. I have children, but I know not to watch IFC and RFC when they’re awake. After thier in bed, my wif’ and i can watch whatever we want. Stop complaining about everything all the damn time and use some common sense.

  5. Thanks Neiko Smith….

    These are the same people who don’t want their kids to see humans naked(I’m sure they don’t have mirrors in their bathrooms so their kids can’t see god creation) But they don’t mind one little bit their kids watching action movies people getting blown up, killed maimed, just like they ignore how terrible and awful unjust wars for profits are what they don’t see doesn’t bother them…If nudity bothers you turn the damn channel, check the rating before you watch or lock the channel – very simply done, many options for you and stop trying to ruin it for less uptight people who enjoy films as they are meant to be shown – reality….not just the fantasy world you wish existed – There’s absolutely nothing wrong with nudity and if it bothers you via the kids – You have many options – So stop bitching!!

  6. I dont mind nudity and i know it shows on the rating before you watch it but i dont think it is right when every free channel has them ratings im sorry i am not a sick pervert al baston and i dont get off watching tv with nothing but nudity

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