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This Month’s Free Previews on Dish

Monkey Island on The Smithsonian Channel
Smithsonian Channel

Free Preview Begins: March 28, 2019 (Thursday)
Free Preview Ends: April 30, 2019 (Tuesday)

Dish Network will be showing a free preview of Smithsonian Channel, Cooking Channel, Destination America, Hallmark Drama, Outdoor Channel, and UPtv from March 28th to April 30th.

Channel Lineup:

113: Cooking Channel
186: Hallmark Drama
188: UPtv
194: Destination America
367: Smithsonian Channel
396: Outdoor Channel


  1. Dish has the same stupid sneak previews every month. Plus all the previews are usually already paid channels you are already subscribed to.

  2. HDNET Movies is on channel 130. Not sure why. I don’t see it listed as a preview anywhere.

  3. Dish doesn’t have to offer FREE PREVIEWS at all. I’m a subscriber that is thankful that they do offer the previews monthly.

    I really enjoy DISH. They have always been helpful whenever I have needed something. Very great to work with and I truly think they go the extra mile to retain their subscribers. I have been with them since 2005.

  4. Will there ever be any more free premium channel previews from DISH or have they stopped this practice, since they’re in dispute with HBO? There hasn’t been a preview of EPIX or Showtime, or any of those channels in months)

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